3 Best Instagram Story Viewer Websites

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and storytelling apps among all age groups. People use Instagram to post stories about their day-to-day life events. You have to have an Instagram account to scroll the feed and comment/like on the posts by others. It’s a pretty essential step, which allows you to access the entire platform. But, you cannot watch the stories and statuses of other people if you haven’t logged in. It’s one of the barriers that have kept millions of people away from accessing stories without signing in.

So, if you want to check out the public profile, you can do it without signup, but you cannot watch the stories without the same. Fortunately, smart people have found multiple ways to bypass the same. With the best Instagram story viewer websites, you can easily watch and download the stories and other content without worrying about signing up on the platform. If you are interested in watching or downloading the stories and posts from other people’s Instagram account, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information about the best Instagram story viewer websites that you should check out.

Best Instagram Story Viewer Websites in 2022

#1 – Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram Story Viewer is one of the best websites to check out public stories from other people. It’s a pretty simple and easy-to-use site that lets you view, download all kinds of content from Instagram without worrying about logging in. it’s an awesome platform to watch the stories and posts from other accounts on your devices. You don’t need to install third-party apps or software to check out the public Instagram stories. Simply open up the site in your browser and tap on the specific post you want to watch from other people’s accounts. It’ll instantly bring up the video in a streamable player that you can play directly in a web browser without downloading them. You can’t access private accounts through this website.

#2 – Instasave.org

Instasave.org is another best website to watch and download Instagram stories and posts without worrying about signing up on the platform. It’s a simple, easy-to-use website that lets you save any kind of content from Instagram in a few taps. You can watch the stories and posts from other people’s accounts without hassle. All you need to do is open up the site in your browser and paste the URL of the post you want to watch and download. It’ll instantly bring up the video in different formats to watch. You can also download the videos by tapping the download button below the player. Using this site is effortless, and it’s a seamless experience as you can download almost everything made publicly available on Instagram.

#3 – Insta DP

Insta DP is one of the best sites to watch and download stories from other people’s Instagram account. You can check out any kind of content, including photos, videos, quotes, etc., by entering a specific username on the site. It’ll instantly show you a list of posts that you can view and download with a single tap. You don’t need to log in or sign up on the site to check out public stories. Simply open the website in your browser and tap on a particular link that you want to watch. With Insta DP, you can download the Display Picture of the people, even if they have a private account. With the freedom of accessing the DP of private accounts, you will find Insta DP useful in certain cases.

Final Words

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, but it’s addictive. Many people avoid surfing on Instagram, as it consumes a lot of their time. So, it’s better to check out the status and stories or the important people through the best Instagram story viewer websites. With such sites, it becomes easier to access the platform, and no need to join the same to stay in the loophole of engagement. In this post, we tried our best to share the list of these three best story viewer websites for Instagram. All you have to do is check out these sites and start viewing and downloading the stories from Instagram.…

Working Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Download Link

Online games have got a boom in 2020 as the lockdown enhanced the leisure time of people hugely. People are more into gaming nowadays. And who does not want a power-packed action game in your pastime? If you want to slash your opponent with just a slice of your finger, then you might opt for the game Shadow Fight 3.

About the Game

Imagine that the world is going to witness an epic war. The shadow power that has emerged many years ago is now just an ordinary power source. Three regions are after it for various intentions. You need to decide which side you want to join. Or you can stand alone and walk on your path.

This game has a predecessor version that is named Shadow Fight 2. This game starts where the previous version ends. In the previous version, you are a common man who is inevitable as you are gifted with supreme fighting and sword skills. You eventually opened the shadow gate and released them into the world. Also, the power of the shadow gate transformed you into a shadow. After that, you take an oath to kill all the demons. You also need to save the Shadow ball.

This was an outline story of the predecessor version of Shadow fight 3. Most of us thought that this will be the end. But the makers Nekki Studios did not stop and decided to launch another part.

After you save the shadow ball, you are human again. The shadow spirit is detached and in search of a new host. The three regions, legion, Dynasty, and Heralds are in search of the shadow ball for three intentions.

A military region, legion wants to destroy the energy, Dynasty people wants to profit & craft and the Heralds want to study the darkest secret of the shadow power.

When you start the game, after customizing the player, you need to fight with the fighter of the Legion region. At first, you need to control the chapters of Legion, the Dynasty, And The Heralds at last. You can play with various weapons but you need to unlock some specific weapons by leveling up. You can also play with real-time players from all over the world in duel mode. By winning in the duel mode you can win chests. From there you can get weapons, gems, armor, etc.

Features of the Mod

Some exciting factors make this game popular to its consumers. The game has high graphics and that makes it a bit heavy. There are options where you can set the graphics properties from low to high. At the maximum, you can get 1080p Pictures with 60fps. So, there is no compromise with the graphics. Along with the graphics, there are some other features of the game. Those are explained in detail below.

Create an Epic Hero

You can choose the looks and the fighting weapon of your hero before you go out to decide the fate of this world. This game is called a perfect bank of weapons as there are multiple types of weapons out there. You can unlock tons of weapons and armor on your journey. Also, you can unlock special abilities. This will also influence the progress of the game.

Unleash Your Strength in Battle

You have to travel across the big world map to complete your journey. And within it, you need to defeat powerful opponents. You need to learn 3 different fighting techniques on the go. Combine them both and use your trick. Master the shadow energy and become the universal boss.

Collect Exclusive Gears

Parallel to your gameplay, you can collect exclusive gears. Participate in the daily quests and get exciting rewards. You can win chest in a duel. Also, you can be on the top of the leaderboard to win excellent gifts by brawling with the opponents.

Frozen Enemy

At a higher level, you can freeze your enemy, lower down their life, and then unfreeze. Enjoy your game with a winning streak.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

You can win unlimited coins and gems when you take part in the in-play games. Just participate and win it.

No Ads

The game contains no ads. You can now be free from the pop-up adds irritation.

Minimum Requirements:

Not all games will install on your android. Each game demands various requirements about your operating system and RAMs and Hard disk space. Shadow Fight 3 is a high graphics game with amazing 3D graphics. The resolution of this game is 1080p at the max and the frame rate is 60ps. This game is also quite heavy. So, you need to have Android 4.4 or higher to play this game.

This game requires:

1. More than 1GB RAM to enjoy the gameplay without any disruption

2. More than 600+ Free space in your Android.

Following is Shadow Fight3 in a nutshell:

APK Name Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk
Latest Update December 23, 2020
Version 1.24.0
Android Version required Android 4.4 and higher
App Size 110M
Developers Nekki Developers

How to Install Shadow Fight 3 on Android?

Many people have got trouble installing the MoD version of the apk file of the game Shadow Fight3. You don’t need to worry. We are providing a detailed guide on how to install the game on your android phone. You just need to check the requirements section first to know your phone’s compatibility. After that, following the steps, you can easily install the game on your device.

  1. Firstly, you need to uninstall the previously installed version of the game
  2. Download the game from the given link – Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Download
  3. After downloading the apk file you need to go to Settings> Security on your Android phone.
  4. Turn on the Unknown Sources option. That will ask to allow permission for the third-party app. Enable it.
  5. Now return to the download folder and click on the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk file and start the installation.
  6. Restart your phone after the installation finishes.

The Bottom Line

This game is a milestone in the fighting game genre. It is completely safe and you will get thrilled by its graphics and gameplay. If you love strategy and roleplay in action games, then this is a must-play game for you.…


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When it comes to finding a new bed, we find there are a variety of mattresses to consider and the price is always a question. Under a constraint best king size mattress under budget of $1000, it is challenging to find the right quality of products. Additionally, spending a good amount of money we expect at least a minimum of 10 years of warranty.  While going for the mattress, the price to performance ratio must be effective. That is, we should find the right quality of the product under a reasonable budget. In this article, there are an array of good and budget-friendly mattresses that would not break your bank and also keep your spine aligned and meet your all comfort.



With a budget of $1000, Nectar provides an impressive mattress. They are built with high-performance materials and smart design will relieve pressure. The high-end memory foam will reduce the impact on the shoulders, hips and keep your spine alignment intact. There are 3 layers of material with which Nectar mattresses come in, the first layer is quilted foam to make your sleep comfy, the second is filled with gel and the third is infused memory foam. The high-quality materials add bounce to the mattresses. It comes with a lifetime warranty and perfectly suitable for couples. If you are looking under $1000, this must be in your list.



If you have a tight budget and need a fine quality mattress under $500, then, Tuft and Needle are what you are seeking for. The brand sells best and high-quality mattresses under $500 and $1000 as well. Tuft and Needle has a proven record for buyers for many years. The key feature includes the adaptive foam comfort layer which makes it stand alone from the rest of the mattresses. It is well built with both foam and latex. The constant airflow inside the mattress keeps it from sleeping hot. The foam layer is 3” thick and backed by a 7” high-density polyfoam, making it a 10” high-quality mattress. It is well designed to eliminate stomach and back pain, allowing a peaceful and comfortable sleep. The company provides a 100 nights trial period for the new customers where they can test the mattress and can return if unsatisfied.



Amerisleep is an eco-friendly mattress brand ideal for constrained budget customers. It is one of the top-rated foam mattresses brands, where a Queen can be purchased at $999. It is designed to firm your comfort and best suited for stomach and back sleepers. Dealing with varieties of mattresses each has its own specific sleep style. Amerisleep has been selling its mattresses online and provides nights free trial for every product. The first layer is framed “ plant-based memory foam which is breathable and keeps air flowing inside the mattress whereas the last layer is 8” supportive core foam.



Bear mattress sells two arrays of mattresses. They contain a number of sleep-promoting technology, designed for athletes for their quick recovery. The bed is compatible with side and back sleepers. Stuffed with graphite gel the mattress has 3 layers. The first layer is infused with memory foam. It molds the body for instant cushioning and pressures relief, keeping the temperature cool. The polyfoam layers act as a barrier between the first and the base. The last poly foam layer provides support to the mattress. The brand offers a 100 nights trial with 10 years of warranty.


https://laylasleep-quickfix1.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Layla-Memory-Foam-Mattress-Foundation2.jpg https://laylasleep-quickfix1.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Layla-Memory-Foam-Mattress-Foundation2.jpg https://laylasleep-quickfix1.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Layla-Memory-Foam-Mattress-Foundation2.jpg C:\Users\Lenin Bakhara\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\DD29BC38.tmp

With a suitable budget, Layla provides a reversible mattress design. Each side is infused with copper-infused foam. The fixed top and bottom add a different firmness feel to each side. Ensuring customer’s heath they are flexible and comfortable for a peaceful sleep. The mattress includes thermal material that dissipates heat and regulates blood circulation. They are antibacterial mattresses and ideal for muscle recovery. The company offers a 120 nights free trial and a lifetime warranty.



Lull manufactures budget-friendly mattresses for all kinds of sleepers. The mattress is perfect for those who want a firmer bed. Lull comes with 3 layers and stands 10 inches tall. The first layer is 1.5” gel memory foam that will keep the body temperature cool. The second layer acts as a barrier between the first layer and the base layer. The layer is a 7” supportive poly-foam that gives the mattress shape and support. The price range starts from $800 for a queen. Lull offers a 100 nights sleep trial for the customers with a warranty of 10 years.



The last that comes on the list is IKEA’s MORGEDAL bed. The budget-friendly brands whose price ranges from $80 to $899.  The mattresses are medium-firm suitable for stomach and back sleepers but not soft enough for side sleepers. The mattresses are breathable that keeps your body cool throughout the sleep. The bottom layer is a poly foam that provides support to the mattress.  The mattress comes with 25 years of warranty and 365 years of exchange policy.


Here are some budget-friendly mattresses that will help you to think about before investing in your next bed. Under a constrained budget of $1000, these are some of the best and high-quality mattresses. When it comes to price to performance ratio.

Buy a mattress that will eliminate the chronic pains of the body. Your quality of sleep shouldn’t be compromised.…

Best Baby Bedding Sets in India

Kids are very delicate when it comes to sleeping. Slightest of discomfort wakes them up and they go cranky for the whole day. Also their skin is so sensitive and could catch rash easily. Sleeping is an essential part of newborn and toddlers growth. They spent most of the time sleeping. It relaxes there boy and make them grow faster. So it is essential for every parent to find just the right bed for those tiny beings. No parent would negotiate with the comfort of their kid. They will want the best for them. So to make the job easy, here are few baby bedding sets shortlisted which are loved by the consumers.

Amardeep and Co Toddler mattress

Amardeep and Co toddler mattress is the best choice of bedding for a new born. The mattress is extremely comfortable. It’s surface feels like feather. It is a blessing for working women as it is easy to use and wash. The extremely light weight of this mattress makes lifting and relocation very easy. A mosquito net is also added to protect the kid form bugs and mosquito stings. The size is perfect and would fit for any kid, chubby or thin. This bedding targets a large amount of audience as it is both safe and beautifully designed.

Dearjoy baby kick and play gym

The prefect sized bed is for kids under six months. It is washable and easy to store. The thick layer of mattress at the base made from high quality material makes it safe for kids. This bedding set is more then just a mattress as it work as a play gym too with all the toys hanging. The foldable net gives them the space to play.

Pink and blues

This cute baby set has the best size. It is very beautifully designed with the perfect cushioning. Although the mosquito net is missing, it provides the kid with great space. This mattress too is easy to wash and carry around. It would fit kid up to two years. Hence it’s the best choice for those parents who want to buy a long term product. The kids will sleep peacefully when they will get perfect space to roll over.


This baby mattress and sleeping bag combo is the most comfortable choice for new born and 6 month old. The bedding is made by taking the needs of a new born in consideration and it holds the kid properly providing them with ultimate pleasure. It’s easy Maintenance and cleaning makes it even more handy. The net adds to the comfort list. Carrying it is so easy and it could be used while travelling too.

Touch polycotton

It’s great look and affordable range to buy makes it stand out. The accessories adds to it’s look. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The patterns attracts the attention of kids and makes them fall in love with the mattress. The bed is sized perfectly for kids under 18 months. It’s foldable design makes it easy to store and relocate.

Little contemporary

This velvet baby set is the best choice for new born babies. The supreme quality fabric attached with mosquito net makes it just the choice. Also as the name goes velvet, the fabric is so soft and comfortable. It can be used easily and would work for kids up to 12 months. The pink color makes this design even more classy.

Fly baby

This cotton mattress with it’s soothing floral print and color makes it stand out. For the parents who are into nothing fancy, this is just the bedding for them. The design and the mosquito net takes care of the kid properly. The extra soft mattress gives you baby best first year of their life. The color gives so much comfort to the eyes. It is gentle to baby’s soft skin. Also it is easy to use and carry around.


This multicolor digital print on white base design bedding set has the most unique features. The mattress is cushioned with thick form to provide the baby with support. The air circulation this mattress provides gives comfort to the baby. The compact and foldable nature of this product makes it more durable. The cute prints look adorable. The mosquito net protects the baby form mosquitoes and bugs. This mattress makes sure that the baby’s sleep remains undisturbed.

RBC RIYA R baby mattress

This beautiful combo of mattress and sleeping bag is too hard to resist. Generally baby mattress are not that easy to carry everywhere but this product solves that problem completely. The smooth and nice texture of this mattress makes the consumer fall in love with it. The some cushion form gives kid a perfect place to sleep. This mattress too has a mosquito net. The pattern and colors are no less then a reward to the eyes. The warranty period too is very genuine.

Chote Ustad

This is the best mattress design for an India kid. With all the games attached at the roof and adjustable mosquito net, this product is just the thing a kid needs. This could be assembled anywhere easily within a fraction of seconds. This matter can be washed too. The plastic used here is not toxic and can do no harm to the kid in any way. The attractive colors will make the baby fall in love with it. This gives the kid best comfort and safety.…

Best Mobile Phone Holders For Your Car

Driving safely is a responsibility as when you’re on the road, not only yours but other people’s safety also becomes your concern, and since the invention of smartphones when have we been able to control the urge to not look at our screens. Imagine having a product that understands and appreciates our need and dependable nature for our smartphones and makes life a tad bit easier. Cue in Phone Holders. This amazing, simplistic gadget allows its users to drive while comfortably operating necessary functions on their phones, such as using a GPS or simple cranking up some tunes.

There are tons of such products in the market but we bring to you only what’s best and safe for use. Presenting Top Smartphone Holders for your sweet ride:

pTron Mount Air Vent Mobile Holder

The pTron Mount Air Vent Mobile Holder is an easy to use single handedly operable holder,that sticks to your car’s air conditioning vents and provides a throne for your smartphone. It comes with a clip on design that is universal, meaning it can clip to any car’s AC vent in time of need with no hassle and tassel.

It has an adjustable holder for your smartphone, which comes with a super wide arm for all shapes and sizes(or maybe just the ones mentioned in the product description). pTron has a unique three blade structure with a firm grip that ensures your phone doesn’t slip away, whether the ride is bumpy or smooth. With no tools required to install the product, you can just clip it on with one hand and slide in your phone the same single handed way, while keeping your other hand firm on the steering wheel. Just push your phone and press the clips and it’s locked for eternity.

It has a slot at its bottom stand for plugging in your charger in case you need it and space given to easily plug in your audio device. With no metal plate to interfere in any way with your signal strength, it comes packed with a smooth surface to avoid any kind of scratches on your expensive phones.

The material used is ABS+PC polymer with RoHS certification. pTron is compatible with a 4.7 to a 6.7 inches smartphone, basically covering most of the current generation smartphone in the market.

pTron costs INR 299.00 and it is a nice option for a very low budget smartphone holder for your car. This is the best car mobile holder.

King Shine Car Dashboard Phone Mount

The King Shine Car Dashboard Smartphone Holder can hold up to 6.5 inches phones with ease. It’s HUD design keeps the phone in line with the road so your eyes are always where they should be first. It clips on to your dashboard behind the wheel to give you easy visibility, with angles that can be adjusted according to users needs.

It provides single handed usage and a non slip silicone pad to avoid scratches from operation. The material used is high strength non reflective ABS to avoid any kind of glare or flicker, with temperature resistance ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

It costs only INR 279.00 and is a nice alternative for pTron.

Vengaza Mobile Phone Holder For Rear View Mirror

A similar clip on style holder as the previous ones on this list, Vengaza clips to the rear view mirror and maintains eye level for easy usage. With a clamp size from 2.1-3.15″, it’s suitable for smartphones, PDA, MP3 player and you name it.

The 360° hemispherical swivel and the 270° attachment bracket swivel allows for easy and suitable micro adjustment. It has a no tool required, simple clip-on assembly and ideal for safe drives.

Vengaza Smartphone Holder costs INR 349.00 only.

Skyvik Truhold Magnetic Smartphone Holder

This product is truly the most simplistic phone holder for your car. It glues onto your phone using a N45 magnet (6 strong neodymium magnets) and metal plates provided with it.

It is compatible with your cell phone and your tablet and it’s magnetic does not interfere with any of your device’s internal working or the screen. Just simply stick the metal plate at the back of your device of choice and attach it to Skyvik Truhold. It provides full 360° single axis rotation for your comfort and holds on to your phone no matter the bumps and bruises of the road.

It can be attached to the air vents or the dashboard and provides simple operability.

Skyvik Truhold is one of the pricey smartphone holders on this list, costing INR 749.00 only.

Rock Dove Universal Smartphone Holder

Rock Dove is a sticky gel pad style flexible smartphone holder for your car with a very versatile adjustable range.

It’s flexible adjustable telescopic arm can be bent at any angle to provide the perfect line of sight for you so you focus on the road easily while using it. It provides an easy gel pad attachment that sticks to the dashboard, and easy clip off removal facility.

Rock Dover will cost you INR 289.00 from websites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

With these reliable toys you can now use the GPS or listen to songs without any worry, and remember to drive safe.…

Complete International Mattress Size Chart

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In this content you will find the complete international mattress size chart. The size chart is available in both inches and Centimeters. The table consists of mattress size of different countries like Asia, US, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc. The chart has updated data.

International mattress size chart in tabular form

Sl. No. Region / Countries Types Centimeters Inches
1 Europe Twin / Single 90 × 190 36 × 75
Small Single 80 × 190 31 × 75
Small Double 120 × 190 48 × 75
Small Single Long 75 × 200 30 × 78
Single long 90 × 200 36 × 78
Double 135 × 190 54 × 75
Small Double 120 × 190 48 × 75
Euro Double 140 × 200 55 × 79
King Single 120 × 200 47 × 79
Euro King 160 × 200 63 × 79
Super King 180 × 200 71 × 79
New Zealand and Australia Super Single / King Single 107 × 203 42 × 80
King 183 × 203 72 × 84
King Long / California King 183 × 213 72 × 84
Queen 153 × 203 60 × 80
Bunk / Single / Twin 92 × 188 36 × 74
Athletic King / Grand King / Texas King / Super King 203 × 203 80 × 80
Full / Double 138 × 188 54 × 74
Twin extra-long (eligible only for New Zealand) 91 × 203 36 × 80
3 Canada and USA Single XL / Twin 99 × 203 39 × 80
Single / Twin 99.06 × 190.5 39 × 75
Mini Single / Cot 76 × 178 30 × 70
Modern Cot 76 × 188 30 × 74
Toddler/Crib 69 × 131 27 × 51
Full / Double 137 × 190.5 54 × 75
Full XL / Double 137 × 203 54 × 80
King 193 × 203 76 × 80
Queen 152 × 203 60 × 80
California King 152 × 213 60 × 80
Super King / Athletic King / Texas King / Grand King 203 × 249 80 × 98
California king waterbed Insert 178 × 208 70 × 82
San Francisco King 213 × 213 84 × 84
Expanded Queen 168 × 203 66 × 80
California Queen 152 × 213 60 × 84
Three Quarter 48 × 73-75 48 × 72-75
4 Scandinavia Small Double 140 × 200 55 × 79
Bunk / Single / Twin 90 × 200 35 × 79
Full / Double 180 × 200 71 × 79
5 China Bunk / Single / Twin 106 × 188 42 × 74
Small Single 91 × 188 36 × 77
King 182 × 212 72 × 83
Queen 182 × 188 72 × 74
Double / Full 152 × 188 60 × 74
6 Brazil Twin / Single / Bunk 88 × 188 35 × 74
Full / Double 138 × 188 54 × 74
King 193 × 203 76 × 80
Super Single / King Single 96 × 203 36 × 80
Queen 158 × 198 62 × 78
7 Japan Bunk / Single / Twin 97 × 196 38 × 77
Small Single 85 × 195 33 × 77
Three Quarter / Small Double 122 × 195 48 × 77
Super Single / King Single 110 × 195 43 × 77
King 170 × 195 67 ×77
Super king 194 × 205 76 × 81
California King 170 × 205 67 × 81
Full / Double 140 × 195 55 × 77
Double Extra Long 140 × 205 55 × 81
Twin Extra Long 97 × 196 38 × 77
8 Singapore Bunk / Single / Twin 91 × 191 36 × 75
King 183 × 191 72 × 75
Super Single / King Single 107 × 191 42 × 75
Queen 152 × 191 60 × 75
9 Ireland and UK Small Single (Cot) 76 × 175 30 × 69
Single 90 × 190 35 × 75
Three Quarter (Small Double) 137 × 190 54 ×75
Full / Double 135 × 190 53 × 75
King 152 × 198 60 × 78
Super King 180 × 200 71 × 79
Queen 150 × 200 60 × 80
10 South Africa King 182 × 188 72 × 74
Queen 152 × 188 60 × 74
Single 92 × 188 36 × 74
Three Quarter 107 × 188 42 × 74
Double 137 × 188 53 × 74
11 Thailand Single / Twin 107 × 198 42 × 78
Full / Double 122 × 198 48 × 78
King 183 × 198 72 × 78
Queen 152 × 198 60 × 78

Material Differences:-

Some differences can be found in the material of the mattress. Innerspring mattress can be found to be used in North America. But Now-a-days people are more interested or choosing foam bed or combination of the two. Whereas, European chooses latex and polyurethane foam.


International mattress size chart is important as different people from part of the world have different needs and the size varies from place to place. When you buy a new mattress, it is really confusing what should be the size the of the mattress you need, the size chart is really helpful in this situation. Not only that, if you are buying something online then also this helps a lot. The size chart not only focuses on a single country or continent, it provides size charts from different part of the world. King, Queen, Single, Double, all these terms are really confusing when the mattress is from different countries. Suppose, you are buying a carpet from America and you are citizen of any other country and you don’t have idea what is the size of King or Queen in America, therefore, in this case the chart will help you to find out suitable mattress for yourself. The above chart not only helps you to find out the perfect size of the mattress but you don’t need to find out chats that will convert the size chart of some country to other. There are different benifits of using this size chart, and will be helpful for you in different situations.…

Top 4 MATTRESSES oF 2020

Mattresses are something that one should never compromise. Mattresses are supposed to give relief from your exhausting and tiring routine or daily activities. High-quality bed mattresses are always preferred that are supportive and comfortable for the body. Customers too prefer a high-quality mattress. Budget-friendly ones do come with lucrative offers but do not always have the desired quality. Such materials do not have quality and tend to break down faster when compared to good quality ones. This leads to increasing the pressure points and misaligning the spine which would lead to a disfigurement of backbone causing acute pain. One would not like to suffer just for the sake of saving a few bucks. It’s better to spend judiciously on a good quality product. Good quality ones would last for a longer period and would provide a lot of comfort and relaxation.

Here come a detailed analysis and comprehensive study of top mattresses that would help customers to look for high quality and best mattresses. These are the top mattresses that are made up of fine quality with good pricing. Have a look at these mattresses that would help you to know everything before buying good quality mattresses.


IKEA has for all. Those opting for budget-friendly and good quality mattresses, IKEA has to be a one-stop destination. IKEA is highly popular among people as it provides access to direct-to-consumer market services. There 15 options in mattresses available for you in IKEA. The range of the mattresses lies between $120 to $900. It provides comfort in all its ranges. The choice is all yours whether you want to opt for ultra-cheap i.e $120 mattress or want to go up and shell as much as $900 that is natural latex Queen.

Image result for ikea mattresses pic

IKEA is a dutch based multinational company that sells ready to sell and easy to assemble furniture, Mattresses, décor, kitchen appliances, and other home appliances that are ready to assemble and less hustle free for customers as well. IKEA is the world’s largest retailer for furniture since 2008.

A good night’s sleep has to be a sound one. At IKEA comfort of customers is their utmost priority where a wide variety of mattresses are available. Thus, giving their customers options to make a choice.

HYLLESTAD is a spring mattress that is a combination of memory form and spring pockets which takes the shape of your body and molds accordingly. Thus, providing you rest and comfort.

MOSHULT is a foam mattress that comes with all body support.

Some other mattresses are:



LEESA mattresses are designed to fit most of the body type and sizes, which is the best part about Leesa mattresses. When we talk about the pricing of Leesa mattresses, it fits well with the line of various other pricing of other mattresses. It comes in two models that are: the classic version and the newer luxury version. Both are average in terms of comforts and firmness. This is not at all a criticism, don’t get mistaken by the term average. Leesa is easy to transport and is not much heavy, unlike purple mattresses. One can test Leesa mattresses in selected stores of Pottery Barn or West Elm stores.

leesa original mattress image cutout

There are several discounts offered on Leesa mattresses which makes it a good buy as well.

Leesa’s original mattress, Leesa hybrid mattress, Leesa legend mattress,etc are the different variety of mattress options available under the Leesa brand.

Original Purple

This is another best mattress, the original purple mattress contains Hyper-Elastic polymer of 2 inches and is 9.5 inches tall. Besides this it also has poly-foam of 3.5 inches, and high-density foam of 4 inches. It is encased in Lycra Bend conver that is flexibly knit.

The best part about the original purple mattress is that it comes with the trial for 100 nights and has a 10-year warranty. Purple asks its customers to keep mattresses for at least 21 days before making a return.

The Hyper-Elastic polymer is converted into a smart comfort grid layer. This smart-comfort grid layer flexes and takes the shape of the heavier section of the body and providing the right and accurate support.

Nog Mattress Homepage V3

The mattress comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, calfornia king and split king sizes.


This brand of mattress is another best quality one. Parachute brand mattresses are 13 inches thick and have a wool comfort layer within. Besides this, it has three-tiered micro coils layers, a layer of individually wrapped coil and at last a wool pad base.

The thickness of each layer is unknown as Parachute has not disclosed them. It contains natural New Zealand wool that is imperative in regulating the body temperature and wicks away or removes the moisture and is flame retardant naturally.

Every tier of micro coil adjusts and reacts differently when pressure is exerted and adjusting to the contours of the body accurately. This mattress contains zone pockets coils that are apt for back and stomach sleepers. Thus providing them relief and comfort.

The Mattress

Pocket coils layer provides support to the entire body and provides an extra support to the hips which are a must for the spin to align and makes comfortable and relaxing to stomach sleepers.

Parachute mattresses are made up of recycled steel coils, contains orgainic material and no chemicals. Thus making it an eco-friendly buy. It gives its customers with 90 night sleep trial and 10- year warranty.

The mattress comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and calfornia king.…

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