Best Baby Bedding Sets in India

Kids are very delicate when it comes to sleeping. Slightest of discomfort wakes them up and they go cranky for the whole day. Also their skin is so sensitive and could catch rash easily. Sleeping is an essential part of newborn and toddlers growth. They spent most of the time sleeping. It relaxes there boy and make them grow faster. So it is essential for every parent to find just the right bed for those tiny beings. No parent would negotiate with the comfort of their kid. They will want the best for them. So to make the job easy, here are few baby bedding sets shortlisted which are loved by the consumers.

Amardeep and Co Toddler mattress

Amardeep and Co toddler mattress is the best choice of bedding for a new born. The mattress is extremely comfortable. It’s surface feels like feather. It is a blessing for working women as it is easy to use and wash. The extremely light weight of this mattress makes lifting and relocation very easy. A mosquito net is also added to protect the kid form bugs and mosquito stings. The size is perfect and would fit for any kid, chubby or thin. This bedding targets a large amount of audience as it is both safe and beautifully designed.

Dearjoy baby kick and play gym

The prefect sized bed is for kids under six months. It is washable and easy to store. The thick layer of mattress at the base made from high quality material makes it safe for kids. This bedding set is more then just a mattress as it work as a play gym too with all the toys hanging. The foldable net gives them the space to play.

Pink and blues

This cute baby set has the best size. It is very beautifully designed with the perfect cushioning. Although the mosquito net is missing, it provides the kid with great space. This mattress too is easy to wash and carry around. It would fit kid up to two years. Hence it’s the best choice for those parents who want to buy a long term product. The kids will sleep peacefully when they will get perfect space to roll over.


This baby mattress and sleeping bag combo is the most comfortable choice for new born and 6 month old. The bedding is made by taking the needs of a new born in consideration and it holds the kid properly providing them with ultimate pleasure. It’s easy Maintenance and cleaning makes it even more handy. The net adds to the comfort list. Carrying it is so easy and it could be used while travelling too.

Touch polycotton

It’s great look and affordable range to buy makes it stand out. The accessories adds to it’s look. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The patterns attracts the attention of kids and makes them fall in love with the mattress. The bed is sized perfectly for kids under 18 months. It’s foldable design makes it easy to store and relocate.

Little contemporary

This velvet baby set is the best choice for new born babies. The supreme quality fabric attached with mosquito net makes it just the choice. Also as the name goes velvet, the fabric is so soft and comfortable. It can be used easily and would work for kids up to 12 months. The pink color makes this design even more classy.

Fly baby

This cotton mattress with it’s soothing floral print and color makes it stand out. For the parents who are into nothing fancy, this is just the bedding for them. The design and the mosquito net takes care of the kid properly. The extra soft mattress gives you baby best first year of their life. The color gives so much comfort to the eyes. It is gentle to baby’s soft skin. Also it is easy to use and carry around.


This multicolor digital print on white base design bedding set has the most unique features. The mattress is cushioned with thick form to provide the baby with support. The air circulation this mattress provides gives comfort to the baby. The compact and foldable nature of this product makes it more durable. The cute prints look adorable. The mosquito net protects the baby form mosquitoes and bugs. This mattress makes sure that the baby’s sleep remains undisturbed.

RBC RIYA R baby mattress

This beautiful combo of mattress and sleeping bag is too hard to resist. Generally baby mattress are not that easy to carry everywhere but this product solves that problem completely. The smooth and nice texture of this mattress makes the consumer fall in love with it. The some cushion form gives kid a perfect place to sleep. This mattress too has a mosquito net. The pattern and colors are no less then a reward to the eyes. The warranty period too is very genuine.

Chote Ustad

This is the best mattress design for an India kid. With all the games attached at the roof and adjustable mosquito net, this product is just the thing a kid needs. This could be assembled anywhere easily within a fraction of seconds. This matter can be washed too. The plastic used here is not toxic and can do no harm to the kid in any way. The attractive colors will make the baby fall in love with it. This gives the kid best comfort and safety.

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