Best Mobile Phone Holders For Your Car

Driving safely is a responsibility as when you’re on the road, not only yours but other people’s safety also becomes your concern, and since the invention of smartphones when have we been able to control the urge to not look at our screens. Imagine having a product that understands and appreciates our need and dependable nature for our smartphones and makes life a tad bit easier. Cue in Phone Holders. This amazing, simplistic gadget allows its users to drive while comfortably operating necessary functions on their phones, such as using a GPS or simple cranking up some tunes.

There are tons of such products in the market but we bring to you only what’s best and safe for use. Presenting Top Smartphone Holders for your sweet ride:

pTron Mount Air Vent Mobile Holder

The pTron Mount Air Vent Mobile Holder is an easy to use single handedly operable holder,that sticks to your car’s air conditioning vents and provides a throne for your smartphone. It comes with a clip on design that is universal, meaning it can clip to any car’s AC vent in time of need with no hassle and tassel.

It has an adjustable holder for your smartphone, which comes with a super wide arm for all shapes and sizes(or maybe just the ones mentioned in the product description). pTron has a unique three blade structure with a firm grip that ensures your phone doesn’t slip away, whether the ride is bumpy or smooth. With no tools required to install the product, you can just clip it on with one hand and slide in your phone the same single handed way, while keeping your other hand firm on the steering wheel. Just push your phone and press the clips and it’s locked for eternity.

It has a slot at its bottom stand for plugging in your charger in case you need it and space given to easily plug in your audio device. With no metal plate to interfere in any way with your signal strength, it comes packed with a smooth surface to avoid any kind of scratches on your expensive phones.

The material used is ABS+PC polymer with RoHS certification. pTron is compatible with a 4.7 to a 6.7 inches smartphone, basically covering most of the current generation smartphone in the market.

pTron costs INR 299.00 and it is a nice option for a very low budget smartphone holder for your car. This is the best car mobile holder.

King Shine Car Dashboard Phone Mount

The King Shine Car Dashboard Smartphone Holder can hold up to 6.5 inches phones with ease. It’s HUD design keeps the phone in line with the road so your eyes are always where they should be first. It clips on to your dashboard behind the wheel to give you easy visibility, with angles that can be adjusted according to users needs.

It provides single handed usage and a non slip silicone pad to avoid scratches from operation. The material used is high strength non reflective ABS to avoid any kind of glare or flicker, with temperature resistance ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

It costs only INR 279.00 and is a nice alternative for pTron.

Vengaza Mobile Phone Holder For Rear View Mirror

A similar clip on style holder as the previous ones on this list, Vengaza clips to the rear view mirror and maintains eye level for easy usage. With a clamp size from 2.1-3.15″, it’s suitable for smartphones, PDA, MP3 player and you name it.

The 360° hemispherical swivel and the 270° attachment bracket swivel allows for easy and suitable micro adjustment. It has a no tool required, simple clip-on assembly and ideal for safe drives.

Vengaza Smartphone Holder costs INR 349.00 only.

Skyvik Truhold Magnetic Smartphone Holder

This product is truly the most simplistic phone holder for your car. It glues onto your phone using a N45 magnet (6 strong neodymium magnets) and metal plates provided with it.

It is compatible with your cell phone and your tablet and it’s magnetic does not interfere with any of your device’s internal working or the screen. Just simply stick the metal plate at the back of your device of choice and attach it to Skyvik Truhold. It provides full 360° single axis rotation for your comfort and holds on to your phone no matter the bumps and bruises of the road.

It can be attached to the air vents or the dashboard and provides simple operability.

Skyvik Truhold is one of the pricey smartphone holders on this list, costing INR 749.00 only.

Rock Dove Universal Smartphone Holder

Rock Dove is a sticky gel pad style flexible smartphone holder for your car with a very versatile adjustable range.

It’s flexible adjustable telescopic arm can be bent at any angle to provide the perfect line of sight for you so you focus on the road easily while using it. It provides an easy gel pad attachment that sticks to the dashboard, and easy clip off removal facility.

Rock Dover will cost you INR 289.00 from websites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

With these reliable toys you can now use the GPS or listen to songs without any worry, and remember to drive safe.

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