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Is She Mentally Capable Yet? (Photographs): But there was no evidence from her camp, only at odds reports that Spears was already out of rehab. . It's time for Britney to focus on having a (somewhat) regular life out of the public eye and most certainly not on television. On Friday nigh... More

Britney Spears Checks Into Rehabilitation: Fame is demanding and not everyone can handle it. Spears celebrates her 26th birthday, apparently, with her sons. By entering Promises, for the second time, on Thursday, Spears joined a long list of other celebs that have trekked to the lush... More

Can Britney Spears Or Demi Lovato Handle The X Factor Pressure?: AS Tulisa goes on a charm offensive to rebuild BritneySpears standing after two high profile court cases, they look at other stars who have manager. Lindsay Lohan has had alot of problems with booze and drugs, she has checked into rehab a several tim... More

Entering Rehab Can Bolster Britney Spears' Bid For Custody Of Kids, Lawyers Say: Lynne arrives, pulling her daughter around town, and Britney starts to spin out, staying up for sixty hours straight. SPEARS: Yes. On another note, Britney giving her services to "The X Factor" will more than likely lead to another round of ... More

Britney 'Attempted Rehabilitation Suicide': Jamie Spears denied Lutfi's testimony that Jamie perforated Lutfi during a fight they had in January 2008. . Lindsay Lohan just completed a month long stay at a California rehab facility. It culminated last weekend when, after allegedly leavin... More

Britney Spears' Drug Rehab: About the experience of performing, Britney speaks candidly in For the Record, a 2008 MTV documentary about Britney that chronicles her attempts in a comeback. On Friday night, Spears, two young sons' mother, shaved her head bald. Photographs of Spea... More

Did They Actually Send Britney Spears To Rehab? FOR DOING DRUGS?: Check out this 2007 "Entertainment Tonight" report about a bald Britney Spears assaulting paparazzi with the umbrella. Pop star Britney Spears is back in rehabilitation, after shaving report, People magazine and her head days. Spears had infamous cri... More

Britney Spears' Defamation Lawsuit Begins With' For Life And Death Battle ': After Britney's fourth album, In the Zone, months passed without tour, video, or a single, but photographs appeared in tabloids with remorseless regularity. Britney got stuck on him -- "part of it was that she wanted to pimp Justin's man, ge... More

Britney Goes Bald, Allegedly Goes To Rehab: This was during The Circus starring Britney Spears" tour. . All she had to do was sit for the day so the wig might be pasted to her head, piece by piece, so that an hour may set subsequently remain very still for it, and she'd function as the ... More

Britney Spears' Former Supervisor Defamation Suit Set For Trial This Week: Osama Sam" Lutfi is suing Britney Spears for breach of contract for allegedly neglecting to pay his management fee, her father James, for battery for allegedly punching him in the abdomen, and her mom for libel for accusing him in her memoir of drugg... More

Britney Spears Assesses Herself Into Rehab: Britney started working a few times a week out and signed a fresh management contract together with the Business. Federline's attorney earlier confirmed that Federline and Spears would continue to share custody of 5-month-old Jayden James an... More

Five Stars Who Went To 'Standing Rehab': Disney star Demi Lovato checked into rehabilitation for psychological and physical dilemmas. Spears' mother has publicly asserted that Lutfi gave drugs that Spears had not been prescribed, which will be an accusation that he denies and is ce... More

Britney Spears Flees Malibu Rehab Facility Less Than A Day After Checking In: In the months following this performance, Britney continued her downward spiral. . Spears was in the tattoo shop to get another and two more tattoos; one on her hip. In a message on her site, Spears addresses her new album her future ... More

Britney Spears Discography: Turns out that two disc jockeys at station KEGL purportedly did report the news of Britney Spears departure on air. The women made a decision to cover one of their idols, Britney SpearsCombined using the music video for the tune is quite the treat! A... More

Britney Spears Offers Just A 'Piece Of Me' In Las Vegas: Sam Lutfi tried to take advantage of an astonishingly uncovered Britney Spears", Joel Boxer told the jury. Under cross examination by Lynne's attorney Stephen Rohde, Sam Lufti admitted this week he called it "a spike in death threats" because he'd al... More

Britney Spears Body Double Casting Notice Discloses Vocalist's Exact Measurements: Trawick and spears began dating in 2009 and got participated in 2011. Amazing Website i was Trying to Download South park episodes, as the show is your favorite. I genuinely believe it is invasive and dangerous for the paparazzi to pursue conforming ... More

Britney Spears Biography And Photograph Background HD: Britney Spears music died 15 years ago. She's much more in common with most of the main character than any celeb now, while some may laugh in the theory of Britney Spears playing using the female equivalent of the part of Holden Caufield. Sp... More

Britney Spears' '3' Debuts At No. 1 (Listen Now): Britney plus they guaranteed to be the hottest couple round the music landscape had started a relationship. OK, that's nearly as nuts as the departure rumor, yet they could affirm this narrative. It is her best video in quite several years, ... More

Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Death Cab For Cutie Drop New Clips: Spears is not among them. Britney spears new music video. Britney spears leather. Life After Death: Kanye hasn't done much since his hoaxed passing except commence the critically acclaimed record "Your Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," begin ... More

Sony Announces The Death Of The Cassette 'Walkman': The truth that stars sometimes die young is, undoubtedly, not a brand new event which is completely. Sharon Murphy charges the firm of Steiner & Libo with legal malpractice, breach of contract and violation of fiduciary duty for not precisel... More

Britney Spears Bio & Pictures: Amazing Website i was Wanting to Download South park episodes, as the show is your favorite. Winter told THR on Monday that in the time of Monjack's departure, Sharon Murphy told himFailed to consider mould was the cause and she had not let an inspec... More

Britney Spears To Tell The Story Of Jesus Christ Through Her Music. On Broadway.: After shaving her head while Spears voluntarily confessed herself into the Assurances rehabilitation practice, she were given to the psych ward of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. As they enter the resort, they're both still certainly shaken an... More

Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean': Youtube britney spears toxic. Dallas "shock jocks" Kramer and Twitch told listeners to their KEGL FM evening show that pop vocalist Spears and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, of the group 'N Sync, have been involved having a car crash in La. Check o... More

Britney Spears' Singing Without Auto: Britney spears hold it. Britney spears grammys 2011. Stress not, as Spears clarified after that she just misheard the question and simply gave the PR-approved grin and nod" reaction, which works in every other potential scenario but this one... More

Britney Spears Is Likely To Send Duchess Kate Her Lingerie Group: Reported on July 20, 2013, Britney Spears doles out advice to Justin Bieber. K-Fed will nurse the children back. Michael Jackson performs with Britney Spears during the Michael Jackson '30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years' concert at Nyc 's ... More

Britney Spears Seems "Dead Inside" & Has "Nothing In Her Boobs" Says Foo Fighter Dave: On Saturday (November 08) the vocalist's representatives officially checked that Britney Spears isn't dead. Socalled Grunge " removed the eighties music scene creating pariahs from a generation of musicians. Britney spears in control cologne. ... More

Britney Spears Debuts "Till The World Ends": Circus lyrics britney spears. After 16 years in the music business and nearly 100 million record sales under her belt, the 32-year old vocalist has added "designer" to her active cv. Britney spears new music video. Britney spears new perfume 2010. Br... More

Britney Spears DVD: Life After Death: Charlie doesn't have sufficient time dead. It's being denied by even Spears. While being force fed Limp Bizkit, Britney Spears, and other like acts people continued to seek out the latest Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Run DMC,Roll... More

Is Britney Spears Headed For Passing?: Like many (including Jon Voight and Larry King), Britney says Whitey's torch song "I Will Always Love You" is her all-time favourite. Britney spears 2006. Ten (10) of the heavy metals valued were found at levels higher that the WHO The World Health O... More

Read Biography Of Britney Spears Here: New britney spears. Britney spears leather. Trawick (a former agent at William Morris Endeavor) took the lead in negotiating the$15 million deal that she got for being a judge on "The X Factor" U.S. Little did I understand she'd wind up dead... More

Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas Traveller Reviews: Britney spears grammys 2011. As an effect of this, it's hopeful to get people at CNN or TMZ to be theOnes to post of a celeb departure, not a two-bit web site that makes star passing gossips which are upwards. I still CAn't believe Spears is... More

'Work Bitch' Leaks Forward Of Britney Spears' Official Release (UPDATED): With Justin in the passenger seat,lost control of the car. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Spears is considered to have told Bieber it's not difficult to reduce a wholesomeOn life employing a challenging partying lifestyle. When she re... More

Britney Spears Keeps Kids For Now, But K: As always, for the record, Britney Spears has not expired,Spears isn't dead. No credible news sources have confirmed the singer's passing. Her fifth studio album, Blackout , was released later that year, and spawned hits for example " Gimme ... More

PICS Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Amber Rose Spill Enormous Cleavage After Whitney At Celebration: Spears is best known for her singles Oops! Britney Spears is going nowhere. Based on a type of the Britney Spears dead rumors doing the rounds, she was killed five years ago and is now being played via a body double....yeah, they never said ... More

The Site: Replace using a lookalike and continue her career! You might expire tonight in case You stop scanning this warning. The people instantly began to theorize that Spears' conclusion was indicative of wanting rumors quickly begun to circulate of... More

Five Britney Spears Inspired Lover Tats: Britney spears grammys 2011. Fairly several girls who rapidly headed to resembled Britney and the closest shopping mall were fell upon by the heads of the label. Spears is living in addition to the rumor is not imprecise and well. S... More

USA Vogue: She also functioned as a judge through the 2nd season of the American variant of The X Factor Spears's eponymous eighth studio album Britney Jean was started in 2013; it spawned the top 15 hit " Work Bitch ", though it became the lowest-selling recor... More

Ke$ha Calls Britney Spears Out On Her Lip Syncing: Britney allegedly died again. I gave you a reasoned rebuttal to your own claim that Christians really are a dying breed" and lacking in almost any responsible contribution to universe as it's -to reality, as you call it. Britney wirbt mit Fo... More

Art Nouveau Magazine: Rap and metal fused. Spears appeared tabloid plus a celeb beloved although she embraced Madonna's marketing model and lacked a singing voice or musical skill. And also The Biography stations needs serious addressing. It was. Also - If she do... More

Britney Spears Swept Into Internet Departure Rumors, Miley Cyrus: Spears has apparently taken some time to "discuss some sense" into Bieber about his at times perceived ofConduct. Britney Spears has apparently warned Justin Bieber that his bad boy behavior could cause rehabilitation - or even passing. Britney Spear... More

Celeb Tattoos, Star Biography, Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Images, Tattoo Events, Tat News,: Christina aguilera britney spears. Doctors predict that Cory just has 1- that as his dying wish he wanted to see Britney meet the queen herself and live in concert. Britney spears pictures. The reason for that, is the truth that stories are ... More

Back Catalogue Removed From Flowing Services: Britney spears leaked. UGHHH so true it's revolting horrid and so tacky to create this sort of rumour for more individuals to see their mindless website,If Britney was dead EVERYONE would find about it since you'll view a record on her websi... More

Britney Spears New Tunes 2014 List: They bring you 32 star departure hoaxes which are top, to only help prevent the next one. Britney is a fantastic entertainer! Britney Spears was enlisted in the Mickey Mouse Club" as a young girl. Before heading outside to the Vegas desert o... More

19 Pictures Of The Unveiling Of 'The Intimate Britney Spears' Collection: Anyway, to demonstrate your point, here's Britney on her method to church looking like a hooker in her Sunday best. Comprises Onyx Hotel Tour merchandise pics. . Britney unveiled her collection on Sept. Michael Jackson performs with B... More

Britney Spears Flaunts Bikini Body In Hawaii On Holiday: The campaign entitled, " Britney Spears Through The Lens," showcases international star, Britney Spears, as seen via the lens of three well-known photographers, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger and Terry Richardson. The year was 2002 and Britney was at ... More

Britney Spears In Lingerie--See The Hot New Pic!: So, as Britney Spears appeared in bondage manner to start the 2011 Billboard Awards, she was as saucy as the old Britney who constantly surprised. BRITNEY:' Course he did. In the fine shoulder straps, crochet edges, lace trim, satin ribbons ... More

Britney Spears Tweets Photos Of Her Toned Body In Sexual Bikini: Naomi Watts left the gym using a friend following a morning work out on April 1 in Brentwood, Calif. This also contains pictures of Britney pre-superstar years. It's clear that Britney Spears is among the hottest girls of Hollywood, and she is a regu... More

Britney Spears does not Desire Photoshop In Hot Instagram Pic: I am right by the way so save yr fingers 4 pulling over these pics. The Intimate Group, by yours truly," wrote the vocalist, including the sexy photo she contained was simply a peek at what is to come." The line will formally debut in the U.S. Joe ha... More

Britney Spears' Bikinis In Turquoise (PHOTOGRAPHS): You are pretty much inside it for the long haul if a Britney fan still you even after all the crazy shit she did. As well as doing yoga for 90 minutes twice every week, Spears does a whole lot of cardio. Britney has revealed them her hot body a lot t... More

Britney Spears Has Simon Cowell And ADHD Knows It, Says 'Insider': I can not stress why I am wafting this, she said as she began up her skirt nude to fake pics of britney spears. British producer William Orbit, who's working in the project with Spears, took to Facebook to give an update on the advancement of the rec... More

Leaked Trail Of 'Alien' Without Autotune Frightens The World: News that Spears was doing "hardcore" Olympic-style training in preparation for the dance-significant 90-minute shows. You make fun of her accent like its a negative thing...its not. Britney Spears is only in the cutting edge. . But both Britn... More

Britney Spears 'Not Enabled Cell Phone': A judge granted custody of the boys to Federline and induced Spears to get random drug testing two times a week for alcohol and controlled substances because her son was on her lap. Meanwhile, Jamie - who has controlled the vocalist's indivi... More

Britney Spears' Mom Testifies That 'Predator' Sam Lutfi Drugged Britney: Spears is reportedly intending to wed fiance Jason Trawick. Spears had two sons with Sean Preston, Kevin Federline, 5, 4 years old, and Jayden James. Personally I do not believe the actions of another reflect on And the website prom... More

Britney Spears' Defamation Litigation Starts With 'Challenge For Death And Life ': Britney now has two guys commanding her life and continues to be in a position to generate some headway in the case. In May 2012, Britney became a judge on " The X Factor " U.S. Entering his second hour in the witness stand, Britney Spears' ... More

Britney Spears 'Fed Up' Of Daddy's Control: This is actually the first child for 17-year-old performer and her 19-year-old fiance Casey Aldridge, a pipe layer. After getting from the hospital, she was put under a conservatorship (overseen by her dad), which 30-year-old Britney is still below t... More

Amanda Bynes' Parents Seek Help From Britney Spears' Father: I was standing before and backstage a second had gone by, among the members had walked by, said the way the show sucked, and they never sawagain that night. The instruction manual, filed as element of her conservatorship held by her dad since 2008, g... More

Britney Spears Case To Be Dismissed?: It'll be the third time Spears has been married. Spears has made an impressive recovery with the aid of her fiance Jason who is also her manager. Where it's very common for people to be married by the time they're 22 spears comes from a litt... More

Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears: But not taking no for an answer, Lutfi has demanded a judge order Spears to undergo a psychiatric examination to demonstrate her lucidity. Spears continues to be getting her career back on track carrying out a mental breakdown in 2008 The vo... More

Britney Spears' Papa Worried Vocalist Would Die During 2007 Meltdown: Jamie Spears has many jobs in daughter Britney 's life. Lutfi maintains that Britney suddenly jumped out without warning. In a seemingly never-ending string of events, Spears was admitted to some hospital for psychiatric observation and her father, J... More

Britney Spears' New Romance Exceptionally Distinct: At some point, Britney -- whether she does or does not have a psychological disorder -- should be allowed to attempt to function as an adult. The 32-year-old vocalist's dad Jamie has reportedly requested TV producer Charlie Ebersol to sign a... More

Britney Spears' Dad Asking For Over $200,000 A Year To Take Care Of His Daughter: During his testimony, Lutfi admitted that he had no written proof that he was Britney's supervisor, and he cannot remember talking about his alleged supervisor's fee to anyone except Britney. Possibly Ariana really is a fake individual as a lot claim... More

Britney Spears' Fiance Jason Trawick To Become Her Co: A lot of Britney Spears' darkest moments comprised several psychiatric hospitalizations that resulted in her father being named her conservator (). Spears is negotiating with among the Caesar group properties to appear in a Celine Dion-type" show.

Britney Spears Fiance Jason Trawick Named Co: Lutfi, who testified during the trial last week that he is now the supervisor for Courtney Love, is asking to get a big hunk of change centered on claims he was defamed by Lynne Spears in her book. (for a reported $15 million) and got mostly negative... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Because Of Psychological Problems: It was after that situation that Jamie Spears first confronted her and driven her into rehab. According to court filings, Lutfi's legal team plans to present evidence throughout the trial that among the very first things he did as the manage... More

Britney Spears Snapped And Became A Drug Addict After Justin Timberlake Breakup: That is what your 14 year-old daughter, Jen, exclaimed in your experience on a January day in 2011. Employees say the couple made "unusual noises" before Ghalib and a British-accented Spears emerged. Gladstone said that Jamie Spears had been... More

The Loony Spending Habits Of Britney Spears Detailed: During his opening statement on Thursday, Lutfi's lawyer said his client never took advantage of Spears. Based on court records, Lufti alleges that he was not paid the agreed upon 15 percent of her earning to act as her manager by Britney Spears. ... More

Official Britney Spears Vegas Announcement To Reach Before The Conclusion Of The Month?: THE VIDEO: her boyfriend are going to the Las Vagas resort in the limo and where they are prone to continue Britney. The imitation star departure tour has returned to land that was old using a brand new Britney Spears dead rumor doing the rounds. In ... More

Britney Spears Is A Pop Queen. And Pop Queens Do Not Need To Sing: Britney spears tune. Is Britney Spears dead or living? The hoaxes that are passing come in the aftermath including Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, infomercial pitchman Billy Mays and Ed McMahon. A counterfeit report of Tom Hanks' departure spread qu... More

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