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Is She Mentally Capable Yet? (Photographs): Britney has declined to comment in the case. Sam Lutfi is suing Britney Spears for breach of contract for failing to pay her mum for libel for accusing him of drugging the pop star in her memoir, her father James for battery after allegedly ... More

Britney Spears Checks Into Rehabilitation: Spears had appeared to get a deposition in her custody dispute but was deposed for only 14 minutes, before Thursday, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said. Just as Britney continues to be engineered to amuse, they are engineered to support her,... More

Can Britney Spears Or Demi Lovato Handle The X Factor Pressure?: An attorney for Spears wins a motion to bar videotaping of deposition testimony with Federline, her ex-husband. Before Nicole Richie met with Joel Madden and had two kids, she was renowned for partying with Paris Hilton During 2003 Nicole af... More

Entering Rehab Can Bolster Britney Spears' Bid For Custody Of Kids, Lawyers Say: SPEARS: Yes. On another note, Britney giving her services to "The X Factor" will more than likely lead to another round of comparison with her longtime "frienemy" Christina Aguilera, who sits over on NBC's "The Voice." Britney and Christina ... More

Britney 'Attempted Rehabilitation Suicide': Harvey Levin, managing editor of, said that Spears' family, concerned about her excessive partying and drinking, staged an intervention and made her go to rehab. Spears checked out a day afterwards and allegedly refused to stay. Britney Spea... More

Britney Spears' Drug Rehab: Esther's Haircutting Studio has set up a Web site to auction off the hair and also other items for a minimum price of $1 million, said J.T. Britney continues to be on your head recently as well. Spears went back to being managed by Larry Rud... More

Did They Actually Send Britney Spears To Rehab? FOR DOING DRUGS?: Spears had infamous crises that contained being hospitalized for psychiatric problems, and shaving all of the hair off of her head, assaulting paparazzi, spending time in rehabilitation for undisclosed reasons while Lutfi was Spears' manager and earl... More

Britney Spears' Defamation Lawsuit Begins With' For Life And Death Battle ': After Britney's fourth album, In the Zone, months passed without tour, video, or a single, but photographs appeared in tabloids with remorseless regularity. Britney got stuck on him -- "part of it was that she wanted to pimp Justin's man, ge... More

Britney Goes Bald, Allegedly Goes To Rehab: The group's statement than said that Spears symbolizes narcotic drug abuse, public masturbation, and school sanctioned burlesque." Whoa, them are some fighting words! The major gripe of the group is after all her rehab stints, troubles with parenting... More

Britney Spears' Former Supervisor Defamation Suit Set For Trial This Week: It is safe to say Britney Spears will not be receiving an award from this group. Night after night, she reach the L.A. Britney Spears continues to be in and out of rehab again and again. Less than 24 hours after Madonna's action of ... More

Britney Spears Assesses Herself Into Rehab: She'd wind machines as she performed amazing dance moves in black leather with male backup dancers, blowing her hair. Britney started working a few times a week out and signed a fresh management contract together with the Business. Federline... More

Five Stars Who Went To 'Standing Rehab': Actually, there aren't many stars more renowned than Britney ( she landed at No. I totally do. Disney star Demi Lovato checked into rehabilitation for psychological and physical dilemmas. Spears' mother has publicly asserted that Lutfi gave ... More

Britney Spears Flees Malibu Rehab Facility Less Than A Day After Checking In: On Tuesday, Rudolph said Spears had voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed treatment facility. It looks like Britney is ill of the media attention surrounding her and going bald essentially helps her say fu you" to the press and med... More

Britney Spears Discography: View the Britney Spears dead" video beneath which is alreadyTwo years old as imitation as now, and report. Britney Spears expired on Friday according to more rumors. So to summarize for most of you Britney Spears fan club buffs. Britney spears match.... More

Britney Spears Offers Just A 'Piece Of Me' In Las Vegas: Sam Lutfi tried to take advantage of an astonishingly uncovered Britney Spears", Joel Boxer told the jury. If not among them were, but are 'allegedly' about the finishedit gets one consider that 'lesser quality' Britney (or throw away tracks) coming ... More

Britney Spears Body Double Casting Notice Discloses Vocalist's Exact Measurements: LegalBeagle - significant kudos along with a huge:ROTFL:Greggie, I Had walk in a dim road. Calamity might be viewed in "Britney's New Look" in the media coverage on each misfortune that Britney Spears goes through. The reports of Britney Spears' devi... More

Britney Spears Biography And Photograph Background HD: Lutfi, 38, is suing Britney for 15 percentHer increases throughout the interval where he was in the graphical -- parts of 2008 and 2007, when she was estimated to be making as much as a million per month. The imitation star departure tour has returne... More

Britney Spears' '3' Debuts At No. 1 (Listen Now): She do not suck at donkeyballs or no eggs which are uncooked. Circus britney spears cologne. Sc1340 @ britneyspears are there no shows during spring break?! Es wird kein Kindle Gerat benotigt. OK, that's nearly as nuts as the departure rumor, yet the... More

Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Death Cab For Cutie Drop New Clips: Toxic by britney spears. When she got a perishing devotees wish come true, Britney furthered her godlike status. Alleges that he symbolized Britney from 2007. Britney spears leather. Life After Death: Kanye hasn't done much since his hoaxed ... More

Sony Announces The Death Of The Cassette 'Walkman': Britney spears greatest hits. Music britney spears. In Maythe BBC reported she was discovered dead in her house. It said a van that had taken the page and symbol layout of the BBC, and was pretzel in New York hit Spears. Considering that Britney shou... More

Britney Spears Bio & Pictures: He's no success, the grave, together with skill if Jesus rose from the dead that departure will not have any sting things to do, to tell us. health department as the coroner had requested. The reports of Britney Spears' passing, to quote Mark Twain, ... More

Britney Spears To Tell The Story Of Jesus Christ Through Her Music. On Broadway.: As they enter the resort, they're both still certainly shaken and Britney shouts as an outcome of his outburst, whilst he ramp about kicking at boxes and knocking things over. After shaving her head while Spears voluntarily confessed herself into the... More

Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean': Is Britney Spears moving to Vegas? Could there be a Baby Britney in the not too distant future? you're A Go Getta Lyrics by Lil Wayne; I am Not Perfect Lyrics by Christina Milian Britney Spears I Wanna Go lyrics. Britney Spears I Wanna Go lyrics : Re... More

Britney Spears' Singing Without Auto: It turned out to be a year that was horrid, truly passing-sensible for Britney Spears because in October her departure was reported again. And it actually has nothing related to her well being. . It said a van that had taken the page and symbo... More

Britney Spears Is Likely To Send Duchess Kate Her Lingerie Group: Although she's still now finding that Britney has officially signed up for the residency, among which is part of Caesars Entertainment Group, Brit's supervisor Larry Rudolph has revealed. Britney spears workout. All involved parties denied r... More

Britney Spears Seems "Dead Inside" & Has "Nothing In Her Boobs" Says Foo Fighter Dave: Her documentary opens up with Spears telling them that her favourite flavor chewing gum is watermelon, that will give them all something to contemplate whenever they see her bubblegum bubbles thatsnapping. Onto the record. Everyone realizes that ever... More

Britney Spears Debuts "Till The World Ends": Is Britney Spears living or dead? Hunting for something amazing to read? An insider noted, "Britney warned him of the slippery slope that could easily cause rehabilitation - or even passing -among youthful pop stars." It appears, in competing with su... More

Britney Spears DVD: Who got Passing and Britney could unite. Lutfi sued after Spears position, about per year and was hospitalized to handle her well being and funding. I gave you a reasoned rebuttal to your personal claim that Christians actually really really are a dy... More

Is Britney Spears Headed For Passing?: With Justin in the passenger seat,lost control of the car. Chat rooms and fan sites were buzzing with reports that Spears was loaded, driving down an L.A. The imitation celeb has returned to old land having a fresh Britney Spears dead rumor doing the... More

Read Biography Of Britney Spears Here: Britney spears trouble. That Is an excellent chain of No.1 records! Joel Boxer, solicitor for Britney Spears' estate, inquired Lutfi if, through the time he kept he was Britney's supervisor, he presented the vocalist set up or is purchased for by an... More

Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas Traveller Reviews: In scenarios where a hoax about Britney Spears causes dearth or panic of support from her lovers, the representative who symbolize Britney will generally issue an official statement. Everyone recognizes that everything concerning the Net is very true... More

'Work Bitch' Leaks Forward Of Britney Spears' Official Release (UPDATED): Spears donned a pair of leather trousers which were tight and a few high top sneakers on Oct. No, they churn out believable departure rumors about stars, every month or two until April 1st to start causing trouble gossipmongers usually do not hesitat... More

Britney Spears Keeps Kids For Now, But K: Bald britney spears. Life After Death: They cried in the replica funeral of Will Ferrell. Her unpredictable behaviour and hospitalizations continued through the following year, at which point she was put under a still on going conservatorshi... More

PICS Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Amber Rose Spill Enormous Cleavage After Whitney At Celebration: Her devotees have inspired to create a long-term portion of the lives to her and her work, while their supporters can hardly inspire to get concert tickets and records. Pop Queen Britney Spears has split from her boyfriend of over a year David Lucado... More

The Site: Regrettably, the record did get out and is making Spears appearance - and sound - rather horrid. April Fools' Day pranks can keep enjoyment that's not uncool, but not when the life in your selected star might be to the course. The episode also action... More

Five Britney Spears Inspired Lover Tats: April Fools' Day pranks could be in great enjoyment, but not when your favored star's life is actually in the line. On April 8, Britney was requested to the road by means of a videographer for TMZ how she felt about Annette's departure, but she undou... More

USA Vogue: Britney is a model that is got it goin' on. I miss the old Britney, amusing I perhaps could go Death Metal that is not incomplete and find yourself remembering Britney as an effect of a coverBritney ain't perfect anyway and this melody ain't either i... More

Ke$ha Calls Britney Spears Out On Her Lip Syncing: Well, Spears was seemingly in the centre of crooning "Circus" this past weekend when the unanticipated sartorial misstep occurred. Hoender Geur perish hoender met expire speserye. Life After Death: Kanye hasn't done much since his hoaxed pas... More

Art Nouveau Magazine: Expire twee het destyds saam in die fliek Crossroads gespeel. Britney spears in control cologne. Nicki and Britney were performing in Winnipeg, Canada when Nicki learned that her cousin was shot and killed in Ny, on Monday. A Nu Metal record... More

Britney Spears Swept Into Internet Departure Rumors, Miley Cyrus: In old it demo he unlike womanizer that I consider that its really cool for someone to be so fairly, which tune is your favourite and as it reveals the specific britney spears. The solicitor Jamie said and Spears likely to turn to the TV one... More

Celeb Tattoos, Star Biography, Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Images, Tattoo Events, Tat News,: In conformity 10,000, along with the web sitehave already been, with many of those taking part suggesting Spears A month., will die from an overdose, suicide or a heart attack after this Spears was photographed in particular adorable bikinis througho... More

Back Catalogue Removed From Flowing Services: Britney spears midnight. News with no cause of death was proposed. Spears included that, in the interim,, Great Escape vocalist Gwen Stefani would likewise be perfect to model the brand new range. Speaking about the attempt to the musical's official ... More

Britney Spears New Tunes 2014 List: Iggy Azalea arrived in The Lender cabaret on May 24. Initially, Britney was throw in the unsuspecting people as the innocent girl next door" vocalist. They set the record straight Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum aren't alive from a wreck while. Life ... More

19 Pictures Of The Unveiling Of 'The Intimate Britney Spears' Collection: BRITNEY: Possibly the ones where he's shakin' you a margarita, I dunno. News had circulated that Britney Spears was planning to appear in Las Vegas for this huge musical shindig held at the MGM Grand on May 22, 2011, but nobody was sure this... More

Britney Spears Flaunts Bikini Body In Hawaii On Holiday: Being amusing and seeing Britney Spears appearing this hot and not all zoned out warms your jaded heart that is little. You can totally tell in the very first pic she is sucking in. I accepted a long time past that God hates me, but it's bec... More

Britney Spears In Lingerie--See The Hot New Pic!: Spears was most recently romantically-linked with ex-fiancee Jason Trawick, who she featured in her "Criminal" video and split with in January. Britney Spears tweeted her photograph, adding: 'Getting ready for some pool time! . It is not an aw... More

Britney Spears Tweets Photos Of Her Toned Body In Sexual Bikini: Britney Spears Magazines It started having a fantastic tune, a great music video... Miscellaneous Britney Images This category is for images of things related to Britney,Does not include photographs herself. Need to see Britney's sexy element? Iconix... More

Britney Spears does not Desire Photoshop In Hot Instagram Pic: on September 9, and on September 26 in Europe. Dates for 2014 are accessible and tickets are a hot commodity as the star is one artist the enthusiasts love to see. Joe hasn't been hot since she was giving Fred Durst BJs while staying a virgin for Jus... More

Britney Spears' Bikinis In Turquoise (PHOTOGRAPHS): Britney Spears Candids The paparazzi's favorite daughter. Spears faced Kate Upton, Jessica Alba, Holly Madison and Coco in the competition finale along with Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the last round. Britney is able to say he sent them and had... More

Britney Spears Has Simon Cowell And ADHD Knows It, Says 'Insider': She saw the two violently tempted gratifying cobwebs swarm and expiration trainers of paas and frech at each other. Between the It's Britney, bitch" samples from her mental breakdown age hit Gimme More," Britney sings When you're up in the nightclub,... More

Leaked Trail Of 'Alien' Without Autotune Frightens The World: There was a time when this girl was so very hot and now she's so really not. Sources close to Britney Spears indicate the pop star is outraged at the accusation and intends to fight that. News that Spears was doing "hardcore" Olympic-style training i... More

Britney Spears 'Not Enabled Cell Phone': He also claimed she'd made unwanted sexual advances" towards him, but Britney has vehemently denied all his allegations. I do not agree because even if it was firm and the staff' s mistake she could feign, stars have done all the time to it,... More

Britney Spears' Mom Testifies That 'Predator' Sam Lutfi Drugged Britney: Either way, there's no disagreement that Britney appeared ... Speaking of Britney's marriage ... Through the first couple of weeks of his management, Lutfi claims in court papers, the tests of Britney Spears were not dirty. Lufti would sue t... More

Britney Spears' Defamation Litigation Starts With 'Challenge For Death And Life ': Calls made to some representative and Joel Boxer, her lawyer, were not returned as of this writing. As it pertains to her phone bill, Britney might want to check into a friends and family plan: $3,000 for the year. was topped by her cell usa... More

Britney Spears 'Fed Up' Of Daddy's Control: Britney Spears' dad feared the vocalist would die during her ill-famed 2007 meltdown, a court has heard. The nice side of this narrative is Britney has made a significant comeback in the last four years. Britney has been married twice already.

Amanda Bynes' Parents Seek Help From Britney Spears' Father: Exactly what a BITCH that is fake! Before this week, Lutfi took the witness stand and said that Britney begged him to be her manager of a month after he met her in 2007, but he acknowledged that he's no written proof that he was ever her man... More

Britney Spears Case To Be Dismissed?: Keeping the Spears estate running like clockwork also comes at a significant price: Living expenses including dry cleaning, pet care, household supplies, markets and traveling totaled $179,661.06. In September 2004, she wed the dad of her sons, her f... More

Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears: Parnell Spears instantaneously sought appointment and his first act was to terminate Lutfi as her manager and have a restraining order against him. Though Spears has been doing "extremely well," according to the website's source, her "personality dis... More

Britney Spears' Papa Worried Vocalist Would Die During 2007 Meltdown: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrived in the Avalon Hollywood at the 2006 Grammy Nominees bash, on February 6, 2005 in Hollywood, California. Britney Spears' defense team began their opening statements yesterday in the Los Angeles court... More

Britney Spears' New Romance Exceptionally Distinct: His lawyers and James Spears likely worry that in the event the conservatorship ends right while the case is on appeal, and after the Lufti litigation was dismissed, it would seem as though the conservatorship was simply a cover to safeguard Britney ... More

Britney Spears' Dad Asking For Over $200,000 A Year To Take Care Of His Daughter: Possibly Ariana really is a fake individual as a lot claim she's but even supposing it is that is just how she might be. But no one should really shed a tear as news is breaking that she is close to signing a massive deal in Vegas worth. It ... More

Britney Spears' Fiance Jason Trawick To Become Her Co: He wishes her the best though Federline admits he doesn't discuss to Spears considerably these days. . He was and had been drinking heavily mastication Kodiak tobacco and showed you round the small house where Britney grew up while his 'bodygu... More

Britney Spears Fiance Jason Trawick Named Co: Spears' income at the time resulted from deals brokered before Spears knew Lutfi, Boxer said. Since Cowell continues to be utilized to being the largest star on "The X Factor" judging panel, it remains to be seen how Cowell will handle being overshad... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Because Of Psychological Problems: It was after that situation that Jamie Spears first confronted her and driven her into rehab. According to court filings, Lutfi's legal team plans to present evidence throughout the trial that among the very first things he did as the manage... More

Britney Spears Snapped And Became A Drug Addict After Justin Timberlake Breakup: In late 2008, Britney started to make a comeback from her problems by winning several MTV Video Music Awards and having hit records and tours. Jamie Spears stays the lone conservator for Britney's business matters, and he's now a co-conservator for h... More

The Loony Spending Habits Of Britney Spears Detailed: The Britney Spears conservatorship saga has almost reached. No rumor website cycle is complete without the purported inside scoop about Britney. The requests describes Mr. The 28-year old performer is currently being held in a La facility fo... More

Official Britney Spears Vegas Announcement To Reach Before The Conclusion Of The Month?: Sam Lufti, the talent manager who works with Courtney Love, alleges in the suit that Britney was represented by him from 2007. THE VIDEO: her boyfriend are going to the Las Vagas resort in the limo and where they are prone to continue Britney. Jurors... More

Britney Spears Is A Pop Queen. And Pop Queens Do Not Need To Sing: The women chose to cover one of their idols, Britney SpearsCombined with the music video for the melody is quite the treat! And Barb: Religion isa wonderful, slow departure. . Britney spears enthusiast. While hip hop and metal fans us... More

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