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BBC News: Amazing for them but mega pop stars like Britney can worth when their die hard fanatics do something. Britney Spears isBusy girl, with the forthcoming beginning of her new record and her Las Vegas residency. Britney spears abs. For more on B... More

Britney Spears Dead? Can You Believe Britney Spears Expired?: Britney spears new perfume 2010. Britney spears autograph. Piece of you britney spears lyrics. Britney Spears made an embarassing public blunder when a videographer in the road inquired how she felt about Annette Funicello's passing -- and she inadve... More

Britney Spears 'In Love' With David Lucado, Discloses Her Dad Ran A Background Check On: OK, that is almost as nuts as the departure gossip, but they are not unable to verify this story. In this second instance a twenty two-year old hacker named Tim Fries managed to allow it to be as the report of her passing was to the site of CNN appea... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction At Boys' Football Match: Britney spears hits. His show has been viewed by Blute. The post Boer soek 'n Vrou Episode 4: Expire kuier op die plase seemed on Kyknet. For only socializing on stage, which I Had image is something to carrying out a skit with a part of bib... More

Britney Spears' Record Release Date Announced As Dec. 3 On 'Good Morning America': Britney spears picture. Which can be why when she was asked concerning the passing of Mouseketeer Annette FunicelloWho that was celebrated paved the strategy to the 'Mickey Mouse Club' for Spears' own start -- when she giggled, it came as an enormous... More

StarHoaxes: On that list was his greatest wish; to meet with his idol, Britney Spears. The 32-year old Toxic vocalist unveiled her Cosy Britney Spears Lingerie group in the Cafe Royal Hotel in London last night (24 September). Michael Jackson performs w... More

Britney Spears Is Planning To Send Duchess Kate Her Lingerie Set: in the struggle her head gets hit in the form of a camera, but you must be fast to find it), whilst her boyfriend loosened his temper and lashes out in the photographers, hurling magazines (significantly, with Britney to the cover and intrusive tablo... More

Britney Spears New Songs 2014 List: Currently the show is just being shown in New York for one day as a capital preview to enhance cash. 38, Lutfi, is suing Britney for 15 percentHer gains throughout the interval where he was in the image -- parts of 2007 and 2008, when she was estimat... More

Expires At Just 32 (UPDATED): April Fools' Day pranks can keep enjoyment that is very good, but not when the life in your selected star is to the path. Has reported, Spears 'talks some sense into Bieber.' Bieber is strike with lots of negative press and he is been really apprecia... More

Britney Spears' "3": Britney spears games. Spears was disclosed to some hospital psych ward when she refused to turn over her young sons to the bodyguard of ex-hubby Kevin Federline. They bring you 32 star departure hoaxes which are top, to simply help prevent the next o... More

Britney Spears 'Indications Vegas Residency': Britney Spears expired on Friday according to more gossips. Femme fatale britney spears wiki. Automobile atmosphere is used by Britney and cant sing a lick. As always, for the record, Britney Spears has not expired,Spears isn't alive. Taylor Swift in... More

'Crossroads' Established A Generation Of Hollywood Celebs: The refrain of the melody is perhaps the phrase usually connected with Spears and was very popular. Spears were releasing snippets here and there of a number of her tunes, but now the entire record is out (illegally). Only a few days past reports wer... More

Britney Spears's "If U Seek Amy" Video: In old it acually presents he unlike womanizer I believe that its really cool for someone to be so fairly, which tune is your favourite and as it reveals the real britney spears. And so, like she did at other people that have lived, during t... More

Factor' Diet To Keep Simon Cowell Joyful (VIDEO): An insider said, Britney has got it into her head that every night, because she's performing she is able to let herself go during the day. Britney Spears has had her issues with her weight before but it appears that she's all put these behind her as ... More

Britney Spears Dilemmas 'No Hangover' Policy: It is vital that every meal should comprise macronutrients to reach the equilibrium of hormones and maximum weight reduction. I do not believe you even needed to go on diet. . High protein meals were have by her in smaller portions, and she co... More

Why Talking Should Be Every Writer's (Other) Best Friend: According to various reports, Spears is being paid on an episode-to-episode basis, so if it all becomes too much, she can be cut by Simon at any stage. Pippa uses the Dukan diet when she decides to drop some weight, as she did before her sister Kate ... More

Britney Lands TV Documentary: The truth is, many Hollywood celebs invest in diet delivery services, like those offered by BistroMD. Exercise and a critical role played in the evolution of Britney Spears' new body, which was in perfect shape for the Femme Fatalle tour. Fr... More

Britney Spears Got That Bikini Body: Her trademark blonde hair is worn in a long bob style with side swept. . Spears additionally uses tanning beds and spray tans to conceal her cellulite. Britney wants to get in far better condition because she hates the way she looks when she i... More

Britney 'Tracked 24: Her diet superfoods to speed up her metabolism and includes lots of protein. Unlike Miley Cyrus (who can't stop twerking in revealing clothing), Britney has toned down her fashion style as she's gotten older. Sign up to get the most recent gossip, ha... More

Britney Spears Photoshopped In New Candies Advertisements? (VIDEO): In line with the Daily Mirror, Britney made a surprise appearance on the show for the Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears sketch of Jimmy and soon found herself using a brand new internet dating profile. Instead, she chose to return to th... More

Star Releases Unphotoshopped Pics Of Sweets Advertising (Photos): UltraCeleb Garcinia Cambogia finally tried, and you'd like to tell you, I'll NEVER try another diet! Spears has apparently put on almost 30 pounds. On non-cheat days (or the remaining week), Spears generally consumes a 1,500 calorie per day ... More

Britney Spears Works Out Five Times A Week, Reveals New Diet: Browse the entire story and find out the latest pictures of Britney Spears in Now magazine dated 26 September - out now! Britney Spears is back on stage, appearing toned and slender. The pop princess was sent to Promises rehab center and pre... More

Return Of The Carb Counters! Atkins Diet Intends To Generate A Recovery: Lots of dancing also let spears to lose some unwanted pounds. Working with her own personal trainer, Britney developed a workout routine that helped her get back in shape after the birth of her two children, and before among her largest summer tours.... More

Healthy, Joyful, Popular (Apparently): Spears - who was on suicide watch less than two years ago - has received the very best reviews of her career for her new album, Femme Fatale, and is set to establish her North American tour. This strategy might sound just like a lot of fun a... More

How Britney Lost 20 lbs In 4 Weeks: However, the cause this program is designed to operate is considering that you're building a way of life may well also not have the potential to do numerous moves in lieu of an actual work out and see just is this ebook notably in-depth, it comes wit... More

Britney Spears' New Hot Body Diet Exposed: The 31-year old popstar and her fiance of 13 months made the announcement, in the same week as Britney discontinue 'The X Factor', but have vowed to stay friends. To begin with the new" Britney Spears is preparing and getting ready for the yearly VMA... More

Britney Spears Does It Again! Reveals Work Out And Her New Diet Plan: Spears had told People Magazine that she gets a break from all of her work on Sundays. They do a lot of rehab exercises. A source, who is close to the Womanize" singer, revealed that she's drop 15 to 20 pounds as a result of her three months... More

Britney Spears Diet,Weight Reduction,Figure Keys: Watson and spears announced their amalgamation at the Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans on March 14 in the Tea room. Britney Spears does a bunch of dancing, which is a good form of physical exercise to aid her to drop weight and stay fit. They... More

Singer Steps Out In Boxer Shorts: Life After Death: An allergy that is made up is what allegedly killed Taylor Swift in 2009. Spears made news last week when it had been reported the former "X Factor" judge wasn't a nominee to get a headlining gig at Caesars Palace in Vegas, contrary... More

"The Gospel According To Britney": During his opening statement on Thursday, Lutfi's lawyer said his client never took advantage of Spears. Murphy is taken to the hospital after her mum Sharon apparently fell in the shower and discovered her, but physicians cannot revive her; she is p... More

Britney Spears Confidante Sobs Over Death Threats: His passing was staged to seem like an overdose. The line, which Spears describes as "romantic, feminine and subtle," has been 2 1/2 years in the making. Britney Day will be on November 5th, and you also bet your bottom dollar The Strip will... More

Hackers Blamed For Wave Of Fake Departure Tweets: The singer's passing has not been confirmed by any credible news sources. . The heads of the label promptly headed to the closest shopping mall and found quite a couple of girls who resembled Britney. In "Sometimes" (the initial performance by... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: Michael Jackson performs with Britney Spears during the Michael Jackson '30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years' concert at Ny 's Madison Square Garden, Friday, Sept. Before this year I saw Neko Case play in a venue in Baltimore that h... More

Britney Spears Contradicts Herself On 'X Factor' Walkouts And Attributes Demi Lovato: World premiere of 'The Walking Dead (feat. According to Jamie Spears he said, You Are planning to kill yourself or among your kids." The trouble with Lufti began in September 2007 when he began phoning Jamie Spears and leaving unhinged messages. Coun... More

PICS Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Amber Rose Spill Huge Cleavage At Bash After Whitney: Britney Spears has apparently warned Justin Bieber that his bad boy behavior could result in rehabilitation - or even death. Naturally, that has not kept him from claiming liability for her successes in hindsight if, according to his only proof of be... More

Celebrity Death Hoaxes Through The Years: The cause of death continues to be not known. Spears, that has survived struggles together with the mental health care system and who has surfaced as being person than ever and a more successful entertainer, certainly has a great deal of valuable ins... More

Britney Spears' Documentary Shows Her Love For Watermelon Bubble Gum, And Sex: After 16 years in the music business and almost 100 million record sales under her belt, the 32-year-old singer has added "designer" to her active curriculum vitae. you've to say Britney has done it again! Life After Death: Kanye hasn't done... More

Britney Spears Case To Be Dismissed?: The Global Associated Press released a story saying that Danza fell more than 60 feet to his departure on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set." Naturally, Twitter and Facebook did not help dispute the rumor. Britney Spears was untouchable, until she shaved... More

Britney Spears OffersTo Justin Bieber: So called Grunge " eliminated the eighties music scene creating pariahs out of a generation of musicians. Sometime in the nineties, it unified with heavy metal and goth to create Nu Metal. Although she lacked a singing voice or musical gift, Madonna'... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Because Of Mental Issues: They can bring you the happy dance news that Britney Spears is alive by far. Trawick was approved as a co-conservator in April - a request that was made by Britney herself - but he has been removed because the couple split, reports TMZ. When... More

Britney Spears Dead Hacked: Life After Death: Everyone knows Russell Crowe is a wild man. These rumors might become popular or receive interest in the media, but it is usually because vocalists don't die unexpectedly all of the time, and Britney Spears is an iconic pop... More

Vocalist Abused Amphetamines & Crystal Meth, Says Ex: Replace Britney having a look-alike and continue her career! Sharon Murphy charges the firm of Steiner & Libo with legal malpractice, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty for not properly informing her that in January 2011 -- when... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: With Justin in the passenger seat, Britney lost control of the car. Later that year, Spears began the two-year residency show Britney: Piece of You at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Vegas in The AXIS. See Rihanna, where Katy Perry, Brit... More

Britney Spears Reveals Piece Of You Las Vegas Set List: Reported on July 20, 2013, Britney Spears doles out advice to Justin Bieber. More specific informative data to the Britney Spears fan death in Dublin, Ireland are pending. One mode or another Britney lives again, though itis a narrative that is awful... More

Britney Spears Eyes 'The Catcher In The Rye' Film: Britney, come on...everyday I am shocked she is not dead. I really don't care about Spears anymore and I can't believe she's still a narrative. In June 2007, rumors spread that Hilton had been shanked to death in jail. Should they were talki... More

The Death Of Britney Spears: You know you will possess the choice to rely on the web for many editions of tastelessness, along with in this situation it does not disappoint. Combine this with her driving that is crazy and thought alcohol and drug misuse which is uncontrolled, an... More

Britney Spears On Departure Of Annette Funicello I Believe That Is Great": In situations in which a hoax about Britney Spears causes panic or loss of support from her lovers, the representative who signify Britney will generally issue a formal statement. Her life is in chaos and splashed across every television display and ... More

Lil Wayne Killed ? Another Celebrity Death Gossip: you've to say Britney has done it again! In keeping with Las Vega's reputation for excess, the luxurious set boasts a 360-level media wall, which mimics a planetarium, and additionally the decor will involve disco balls and venus flytraps. L... More

Jason Trawick & Britney Spears Break Up -- She Left Him & The X: In May 2001 numerous radio stations reported he was discovered dead in his flat. The vocalist was on stage singing in Vegas when her zipper malfunctioned. Spears telling them that her favourite flavor chewing gum is watermelon, which will gi... More

Britney Spears Already Dead To AP: Itis a matter of course (Funicello) versus buttocks (Spears). Britney - whose first marriage to childhood pal Jason Alexander was annulled only 55 hours when they said, 'I do' in Vegas in 2004 - is now believed to be planning a "low-key" cer... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: To simply help prevent the next one, they bring you 32 leading star departure hoaxes. Now the show is just being shown to boost cash for legal counsel. Cause of death was not released. Spears, which has survived battles with each of the ment... More

Britney Spears Offers Surprising Reply To Fellow Mouseketeer Annette Funicello's Passing VIDEO: The AP understands they'd get a reaction from people who are die hard fans of the pop star, such as myself! According to Jamie Spears he said, You Are likely to kill yourself or one of the kids." The trouble with Lufti began in September 200... More

Britney Spears Is A Robot Has Replaced Her Plus Dead: A report in the coroner suggests that Murphy's passing wasn't the consequence of foul play, nevertheless an injury spurred by drugs she was taking to fight with an iron deficiency and pneumonia. Being that I 'm utterly obsessed with celebrities as we... More

Britney Spears' Singing Without Vehicle: Dead people like Rick Springfield! As a result of this, you are able to expect people at CNN or TMZ to be theOnes to post about a celeb departure, not a two-bit web site that makes up star death rumors. Because she just confessed that she ge... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: After all, they have a vested interest in this; just because they have seen her naked Britney Spears bears to cut back guardianship of her kids - and they've seen Britney Spears nude - so that sort of means that Britney Spears can not have custody of... More

Britney Spears Dead? Do You Believe Britney Spears Perished?: I 'm sorry but 'ha ha hee hee ha ha ho' doesn't qualify as lyrics. Britney Spears was untouchable until she shaved her head in 2007. He has power to tell them if Jesus rose from the dead, so that death will have no sting and also the grave, no succes... More

November 5 Is Britney Spears Day: Sam Lufti, the talent manager who now works with Courtney Love, alleges in the lawsuit that Britney was represented by him from 2007. Spears isn't among them. She also gets brownie points for just socializing on stage, which I Had imagine is... More

Performer Killed By Toxic Mold Says Mother: Spears and Trawick began dating in 2009 and got participated in 2011. I miss the old Britney, amusing how I possibly could go Death Metal which is whole and find yourself recalling Britney as a result of a cover track. The thought of the video in no ... More

Yahoo's Top Ten Searches For 2010: Pierce) and she does not like to use it for anxiety of living in the shadow of Britney Spears. you've listened to Britney since 1999 till now. Now, I do not smoke either of the grasses, but in this one instance I find myself sympathetic to b... More

Britney Spears Is Allegedly Ignoring Her Kids For Love And Work: Dat antic Britney ain't gots no excuse other than bein' lazy, as to why she be dancing like she on the rag and got no pad fo' it! . Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I'll be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts C... More

Britney Spears Has Rare Farting Disorder: Britney Spears would likely agree with us, as she recently saw fit to save an old couple from a shore filled with the creatures that are dastardly. In Britney Spears' current Letter of Truth (aka Letter of Unconvicing Explanations), she backpedals, t... More

Britney Spears Does Not Choke On X: He also said he was told Spears had seen his video but not what she thought about it. The latest pop culture representation of women's grappling is Britney Spears' doppleganger cat fight in her Hold It Against You video where she attempts to... More

Britney Spears Do Somethin'": Even your geriatric Shih Tzu with cataracts can see that this hairpiece does not match the color and texture of Jessica's natural hair. Britney made a recent appearance on Late Night With David Letterman" and seemed great. The story producers are rec... More

Britney Spears Stations Angelina Jolie, Part II?: As she juggles her love life and her new TV career, Britney Spears has put motherhood in the back burner. Spears is on her way to a photo shoot. I reentered the cold feeling lighter, nervous of your first glimpse of myself away from the stil... More

Pets In Vacation Costumes Bring Holiday Cheer: Britney has Brian Friedman, one of the top choreographers in the business working with her. To acquire the proper view to his actions, one needs to realize that Everyone wanted to be in the "awl bidness" back then, much like every 15 year ol... More

Final Destination: Trawick and Britney have now been dating since 2009. The temperature has dipped, leaves are starting to change colours and Alex Rodriguez seems tighter than Britney Spears' pants. Seeing the favorable effect Spears had on his pupils, Will allows them... More

Jake Is Back! 5 Biggest OMG Minutes From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 10: Britney is no different, except for the very real fact that this was a little girl who simply wanted to achieve a dream - not unlike all their very own daughters. . Asked if he was looking to break into the entertainment business, Crocker repl... More

Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson's Husband, Admits To Assault Charges: Entertainment Weekly ' s Tim Stack was dismayed by the close diversions of Spears videos, favoring Glee ' s more original presentations of its own cover versions , yet MTV's Aly Semigran felt the performance of " you're a Slave 4 U " was among the be... More

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