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BBC News: Also - additionally the conjectures that might be right really earn the contestants PS3s and If she does expire, I Will expect hell to freeze over. . Disaster may be looked at in "Britney's New Look" in the media coverage on each misfortune th... More

Britney Spears Dead? Can You Believe Britney Spears Expired?: Life After Death: An allergy that's obviously made up is what allegedly killed Taylor Swift in 2009. Britney Spears made an embarassing public blunder when a videographer in the road inquired how she felt about Annette Funicello's passing -- and she ... More

Britney Spears 'In Love' With David Lucado, Discloses Her Dad Ran A Background Check On: I am sorry but 'ha ha hee hee ha ha ho' doesn't qualify as lyrics. So to summarize for most of you Britney Spears fan club devotees. Britney attempts to get his focus in the auto there is definitely alot of stress between them and he is stre... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction At Boys' Football Match: A handful of the rumors that were understood like Britney was killed with Justin Timberlake within an automobile crash has required details or she committed suicide in the Ensures practice. The musical theme is stolen in the primeval musicv (La Folia... More

Britney Spears' Record Release Date Announced As Dec. 3 On 'Good Morning America': After shaving her head by January of 2008, while Spears voluntarily admitted herself into the Assurances rehabilitation practice, she were dedicated to the psych ward of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Britney Spears has apparently warned Just... More

StarHoaxes: you're German and I failed to understand why there's any obscenity in the lyrics. Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe were Googled to departure. Trawick and spears started dating in 2009 and got participated in 2011. Spears included that, in the interim,... More

Britney Spears Is Planning To Send Duchess Kate Her Lingerie Set: Thinking of the video in no way relates to britney killing herself. Britney Spears music died 15 years ago. It is not likely that Jive will push the release of the album up because Britney is scheduled to do a mini-concert in San Francisco on the 29 ... More

Britney Spears New Songs 2014 List: Britney spears workout. UGHHH so true it is revolting dreadful and so tacky to make this type of rumour for more individuals to see their mindless site,If Britney was dead EVERYONE would learn about it as you are going to visit a note on her... More

Expires At Just 32 (UPDATED): His greatest admirers have frequently shared nervousness that was significant that if his lifestyle WO n't be cooled down by him he could discover yourself dead as has occurred with other astonishing entertainers for example James Dean and Elvis Pres... More

Britney Spears' "3": Britney puts on one heck of a show. Slayer created a Nu Metal record. Britney ain't perfect anyhow and this melody ain't either in any case. Spears is alive and well and additionally the gossip isn't accurate. Her seventh studio album, Femme... More

Britney Spears 'Indications Vegas Residency': In 2007, the California native began the net comedy website "Comical or Die." Later followed with movies like "Semi Pro" and "Land of the Lost." In 2010, he voiced the animated feature "Megamind," which isn't a megahit. Hoender Geur expire hoender me... More

'Crossroads' Established A Generation Of Hollywood Celebs: Is focusing on her eighth studio album after coming back to the music scene following her troubles, with 2008's Circus, the Femme Fatale alongside a judging character on The X Factor's American version of 2011 in the year 2012. Replace Britney and co... More

Britney Spears's "If U Seek Amy" Video: Britney Spears is just not a musician. She is lost lots of devotees mostly because of the manner that she acts but she still has some that comprehends the realy britney spears rather than the one individuals discuss one with a heart, I nevet... More

Factor' Diet To Keep Simon Cowell Joyful (VIDEO): In 2004, Britney Spears married Kevin Federline. Britney Spears has had her issues with her weight before but it appears that she's all put these behind her as she gets ready to set out on her Las Vegas Pieces Of You reveal appearing slender and tone... More

Britney Spears Dilemmas 'No Hangover' Policy: Reports state that Britney replaced a number of her meals with juice beverages and began to cut off on some carbs on her food diet. Have a look at this roundup of diet docs if you have ever wondered where stars go to get reduce and fit quick and exer... More

Why Talking Should Be Every Writer's (Other) Best Friend: Exercise is an integral part of losing weight and keeping it away. Spears' workout routine included 90 minutes of yoga twice a week (in addition to a lot of cardio.) She also has hour long sessions three-times a week withtrainer Tony Martine... More

Britney Lands TV Documentary: In line with the hardline, Britney Spears used the weight loss pill that was caffiene to shrink down in 2003, after conveniently dropping the bottle with an airport in London. However, the mother-of-two has mapped out a new healthful eating strategy ... More

Britney Spears Got That Bikini Body: Britney Spears' body that is new is the proof. Britney Spears has stayed gifted and incredibly popular during her Las Vegas tour. She getting directions from a professional fitness instructor and also begins a regular exercise in her home gy... More

Britney 'Tracked 24: But check this out: Britney Spears decided against employing any type of peculiar gimmicky diets, weight loss pills or a personal trainer to lose weight this time. . She's into 60 minutes of rest exercise for 4 days in a week. The str... More

Britney Spears Photoshopped In New Candies Advertisements? (VIDEO): Do I smell a phony celeb endorsement to get a diet supplement?! He Hair was ruin due to a lot of coloring. Other mags have emphasized Spears' chosen diet - the Sunfare plan - Which has limited Britney to less than 1,200 calories per day The ... More

Star Releases Unphotoshopped Pics Of Sweets Advertising (Photos): Your diet has a whole lot regarding your getting fit. Protein and carbs also help keep her muscles toned and defined, while providing Spears with much needed energy to make it through rehearsals in addition to the real show. She's practicall... More

Britney Spears Works Out Five Times A Week, Reveals New Diet: She looked as if she was prepared to turn her life around but recent reports say she's drinking again, binge shopping and eating too much. From Katy Perry's Mplan, to Britney Spears' yoga obsession and Boy George's blood test diet - cast your eyes ov... More

Return Of The Carb Counters! Atkins Diet Intends To Generate A Recovery: Spears told OK! . Britney Spears' raises weights and participates in plenty of strength training under the oversight of a fitness expert. In the same manner you need to alter your workout to see results, you are able to change your fo... More

Healthy, Joyful, Popular (Apparently): Her eating strategy includes fish, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables, chicken and dairy products that are lowfat. Spears - who was on suicide watch less than two years ago - has received the very best reviews of her career for her new album, Femme... More

How Britney Lost 20 lbs In 4 Weeks: Her mom was an elementary school teacher and her father is a construction contractor. After observing her birthday Britney was born in McComb, Mississippi and was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. your calories were raised enourmously!!!!! I had a pal ... More

Britney Spears' New Hot Body Diet Exposed: To begin with the new" Britney Spears is preparing and getting ready for the yearly VMA (Video Music Awards) show, which is the one that gave her such a poor rap this past year. The 31-year old popstar and her fiance of 13 months made the announcemen... More

Britney Spears Does It Again! Reveals Work Out And Her New Diet Plan: Britney worked using a myriad of Hollywood's hottest photographers including Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz and Terry Richardson - All on a single campaign. A suitable diet control is vital. Britney is believed to have drop a stone in weight ... More

Britney Spears Diet,Weight Reduction,Figure Keys: I thought: surely it's worth your initiative knowing much more, If this master cleanser lemonade diet strategy could create such astounding consequence. And one of the key notions of it is "diet confusion." Like muscle confusion, diet confusion revs ... More

Singer Steps Out In Boxer Shorts: As an artist Britney is not alive for sure. The resurfacing of the Britney Spears dead rumors though may truly be related to other news: about a month ago Britney declared that when she died, she wanted her body cryogenically frozen, so she ... More

"The Gospel According To Britney": A generous singer will put something down the mic to aid the engineer get their systems warmed up and in the level that is correct, perhaps whilst checking through lyrics ahead of the session and having a cup of herb tea really kicks off. . He... More

Britney Spears Confidante Sobs Over Death Threats: His passing was staged to seem like an overdose. The line, which Spears describes as "romantic, feminine and subtle," has been 2 1/2 years in the making. He lashes out frusterated and slams a vase against the wall - and Britney needs to shie... More

Hackers Blamed For Wave Of Fake Departure Tweets: Sam Lutfi tried to benefit from a very exposed Britney Spears", Joel Boxer told the jury. Her fifth studio album, Blackout , was released later that year, and spawned hits for example " Gimme More " and " Piece of You ". Spears was admitted ... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: Lutfi has said he met Britney Spears at a cabaret in 2007 and that he was immediately hired by her as her manager and promised him 15 percent of the $800,000 -plus she made each month. It is a matter of class (Funicello) versus ass (Spears). ... More

Britney Spears Contradicts Herself On 'X Factor' Walkouts And Attributes Demi Lovato: Once the people took the Satanist's lure, Britney was pimped out as a Catholic school-girl lad teaser who sought absolution together with the empty oops, I did it again" confessional. In January 2008, Jamie Spears faces Lufti face to face and walked ... More

PICS Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Amber Rose Spill Huge Cleavage At Bash After Whitney: Britney Spears has apparently warned Justin Bieber that his bad boy behavior could result in rehabilitation - or even death. Considering that Britney ought to be able to sing impressively without Autotune requires one to believe something else: that ... More

Celebrity Death Hoaxes Through The Years: Britney Spears made an embarassing public blunder when a videographer in the street asked how she felt about Annette Funicello's passing -- and she inadvertently said it was excellent." However, the pop star spoke out on Twitter and revealed her erro... More

Britney Spears' Documentary Shows Her Love For Watermelon Bubble Gum, And Sex: See just how many other famous faces - now, who are still kicking - responded to their drummed-up on-line death rattle. Lutfi maintains that Britney suddenly jumped out without warning. Blute has already seen his show performed at the Columb... More

Britney Spears Case To Be Dismissed?: She'd been committed to the psych ward of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center while Spears voluntarily confessed herself into the Assures rehab practice after shaving her head in early 2007, by January of 2008. New videos released this past week in... More

Britney Spears OffersTo Justin Bieber: She also served as a judge during the second season of the American version of The X Factor Spears's eponymous eighth studio album Britney Jean was released in 2013; it spawned the top 15 hit " Work Bitch ", however it became the lowest-selling recor... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Because Of Mental Issues: Before it had been annulled 55 hours later throughout the time under consideration, Spears married Jason Alexander in Vegas. The thought of the video in no way relates to britney killing herself. Britney Spears music died 15 years ago. It was after t... More

Britney Spears Dead Hacked: Life After Death: It Is hard to understand just how long the hyper-famed teen has been dead. Currently the show is just being shown in New York for one day as a backing preview to raise money for legal counsel. A spokeswoman for the corporate parent ... More

Vocalist Abused Amphetamines & Crystal Meth, Says Ex: Britney Spears is dead. In Maythe BBC reported she was discovered dead in her residence. . April Fools' Day pranks could maintain great enjoyment, but not when your favorite celebrity's life is to the line. In situations in which a hoax about ... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: THE VIDEO: her boyfriend and Britney are travelling in the limo to the Las Vagas resort where they're likely to stay. The story started after Britney is supposed to have said in an interview that she wanted her body after she dies if they fi... More

Britney Spears Reveals Piece Of You Las Vegas Set List: This tattoo depicts Spears wearing the memorable red jumpsuit from her Oops!...I Did It Again" video. Sharon Murphy charges the company of Steiner & Libo with legal malpractice, breach of contract and violation of fiduciary duty for not prop... More

Britney Spears Eyes 'The Catcher In The Rye' Film: Britney Spears has achieved widespread fame for her singing skill. And like she did during the last week of 2013, at others who've endured, after looking back, Spears' wardrobe malfunction in Las Vegas didn't halt Britney from going on with ... More

The Death Of Britney Spears: 38, Lutfi, is suing Britney for 15 percent of her earnings during the period where he was in the image -- parts of 2007 and 2008, when she was estimated to be making just as much as a million per month. As an artist Britney is dead for sure. ... More

Britney Spears On Departure Of Annette Funicello I Believe That Is Great": Replace Britney having a lookalike and continue her career! Jamie is very pleased to let Britney have her little fixation. If Britney shouted, she was drugged by her Satanic handler Osama Lufti (read about his approaches here ). The fake cel... More

Lil Wayne Killed ? Another Celebrity Death Gossip: Here are five Britney Spears inspired buff tattoos. Some may laugh in the concept of Britney Spears playing the female equivalent of the role of Holden Caufield, but she is far more in common with all the primary character than any celeb tod... More

Jason Trawick & Britney Spears Break Up -- She Left Him & The X: Reports of departure are not the only rumors running crazy in search engines either. In 2007, the California native began the web humor site "Comical or Die." Then followed with movies like "Semi Pro" and "Land of the Lost." In 2010, he expressed the... More

Britney Spears Already Dead To AP: you've to say Britney has done it again! A new musical will tell the story of Jesus Christ using the tunes of Britney Spears. She hasn't learned to play with the game; THAT's the reason for her decrease. Life After Death: Gossips of Will Smith's unti... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: She wrote in her novel that Britney was drugged by him. Is Britney Spears moving to Las Vegas? Could there be an Infant Britney later on? In a complaint filed Monday, the company of Steiner & Libo charges withmalpractice, breach of contract and breac... More

Britney Spears Offers Surprising Reply To Fellow Mouseketeer Annette Funicello's Passing VIDEO: After 16 years in the music business and almost 100 million record sales under her belt, the 32-year old vocalist has added "designer" to her active cv. Is Britney Spears dead or living? Naturally, that hasn't kept him from claiming responsibility fo... More

Britney Spears Is A Robot Has Replaced Her Plus Dead: Three New BritneyMelodies leaked from ' Femme Fatale ' on Friday. am not a Britney Spears fan, but I think that this fixation with celebrity muckracking (ok, that might not have become the correct term, but I'll go with it) is just becoming ... More

Britney Spears' Singing Without Vehicle: As they enter the resort, they are both still undoubtedly shaken and Britney shouts at her boyfriend because of his outburst, whilst he rages about knocking things over and kicking boxes. The matter in question is of course, the lucrative multi-milli... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: To Jamie, it is a battle for life or death, and Britney is at her most vulnerable," Gladstone said. They are able to bring you the joyful dance news that Britney Spears is living by far. This week Death Cab for Cutie released a brand new vid... More

Britney Spears Dead? Do You Believe Britney Spears Perished?: Spears married Jason Alexander in Vegas, before it had been annulled 55 hours later through the time in question. Everyone realizes that everything about the Net is not very questionable, especially when it involves celebrities. It was that Jamie Spe... More

November 5 Is Britney Spears Day: Rumor is that she's kept diaries all this time. There are heaps of singers around who are not technically good" vocalists, but possibly bring something else to the table that people love, so I 'm not certain why it is even needed to falsify ... More

Performer Killed By Toxic Mold Says Mother: The thought of the video in no way relates to britney killing herself. He confessed he didn't save copies of any of the alleged death threats. After her supervisor told Billboard about her next big show, Britney likely is not going to be too... More

Yahoo's Top Ten Searches For 2010: The items I become obsessed with drives Mrs. Nobody forgives the child that downloads the latest Britney Spears album or brings a knife, or the hooker on the road. Britney Spears formally has her own vacation thanks to the city of Vegas. Britney S. N... More

Britney Spears Is Allegedly Ignoring Her Kids For Love And Work: Britney Spears is the one and only Queen of Pop. Commentators will instantly set her in the league of these that died early-Duane Allman (25) (of The Allman Brothers Band), Jim Morrison (The Doors), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain (N... More

Britney Spears Has Rare Farting Disorder: No, you cannot have your 'guy card.' If I need to, I am able to speak about hair color and wear lipstick! People who have yellowish hair are blond-male or female. Lets get back to l'il Britney. With 8-bit color, photos appeared grainy as the... More

Britney Spears Does Not Choke On X: And Commissioner Gordon prohibited Spears and K-Fed from driving the kids unless they had a valid California driver's license. Britney healed your autism with somewhat of string that was red and only one bottle of water that was kabbalah. His clients... More

Britney Spears Do Somethin'": I do." As she dragged thinning scissors down the canopy of hair wailing at your cheek, she muttered. Like if she chokes to death because she forgets to take the wrapper off her Double Six Dollar Burger or if somebody does not remember to tak... More

Britney Spears Stations Angelina Jolie, Part II?: As she juggles her love life and her new TV career, Britney Spears has put motherhood in the back burner. Saatchi had told the Evening Standard newspaper Monday that the pictures made the altercation seem worse than it was. They opted out of taking T... More

Pets In Vacation Costumes Bring Holiday Cheer: Perhaps she was in a hurry here, generally the natural human hair extensions look pretty great. Jerry Lawler in his snazzy crown top reminded supporters of her fondness for Britney Spears, as Jillian Hall made her way to the ring. It drives them insa... More

Final Destination: Poor ol' Britney did not understand the worth of her team, and her egotism drove her to the precisely erroneous decision about the causes for her success... The Onkyusa singer has come out to say that if there is anyone to blame for those pics, then ... More

Jake Is Back! 5 Biggest OMG Minutes From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 10: It is not that Britney Spears denies that she's a sexual idol, or that she question that American guys are fascinated with the idea of the wet-hot virgin, or that she feels her success says nothing about what their society fantasizes about. Interview... More

Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson's Husband, Admits To Assault Charges: One second he's lying across the mansion with his entourage siphoning her funds while attempting to think of words that rhyme with prenup," then suddenly it is all gone. The wheels have come off Britney Spears' vocal bus and they must mention, it's p... More

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