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BBC News: Britney spears abs. For more on Britney Spears ' soon to be unveiled Vegas residency, " Piece of You ," view the video accompanying this place. Britney Spears isBusy girl, with the forthcoming beginning of her new record and her Las Vegas re... More

Britney Spears Dead? Can You Believe Britney Spears Expired?: Circus lyrics britney spears. Britney spears leather. Whitney Houston expired in the age of 48. If she was caught again he described, she'd get back to jail, which may be an innate part of Las Vegas' strict 23 strikes and your out rule for d... More

Britney Spears 'In Love' With David Lucado, Discloses Her Dad Ran A Background Check On: Der 2. Additionally, Britney Spears was a Mouseketeer man! The resurfacing of the Britney Spears dead rumors though may actually be associated with other news: about per month past Britney declared that when she died, she desired her body cr... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction At Boys' Football Match: His show has been viewed by Blute. Reported on July 20, 2013, Britney Spears doles out advice to Justin Bieber. The lyrics are unbelievable. The vocalist was honored along with her very own "Britney Day" and given a key to the iconic Las Veg... More

Britney Spears' Record Release Date Announced As Dec. 3 On 'Good Morning America': Britney spears new tune 2010. Spears has her father to thank for getting her career back on course This past summer, carrying out a mental breakdown in 2008 and both Trawick it presumed to meet applying a judge to talk about her development and was r... More

StarHoaxes: Numerous supporters instantly began composing their messages of condolence to the Facebook page, expressing their despair the talented 32-year old singer had not been living. Based on a sort of the Britney Spears dead rumors doing the rounds, she was... More

Britney Spears Is Planning To Send Duchess Kate Her Lingerie Set: He conceded he did not save copies of some of the supposed death threats. . For NO REASON AT ALL, Britney is sitting on a desk in a two piece Femme Fatale is Brit's seventh studio album that's scheduled for release on March 29. A few ... More

Britney Spears New Songs 2014 List: 38, Lutfi, is suing Britney for 15 percentHer gains throughout the interval where he was in the image -- parts of 2007 and 2008, when she was estimated to be making as much as a million per month. As TMZ reports, Lutfi keeps that, as his customer, Br... More

Expires At Just 32 (UPDATED): Britney lacks group and is farcical. Her unpredictable behaviour and hospitalizations continued through the following year, at which point she was put under a still on going conservatorship Spears's sixth studio album, Circus (2008), featured interna... More

Britney Spears' "3": They bring you 32 star departure hoaxes which are top, to simply help prevent the next one. Madonna's advertising model was embraced by spears and appeared tabloid and a celeb beloved although she lacked a singing voice or musical ability. Britney Sp... More

Britney Spears 'Indications Vegas Residency': Who understood Passing and Britney could unite. Britney spears midnight. People continued to seek out the latest Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Run DMC,Rolling Stones while being force fed other like acts, Limp Bizkit, and Britney Spears. The vocali... More

'Crossroads' Established A Generation Of Hollywood Celebs: Is focusing on her eighth studio album after coming back to the music scene following her troubles, with 2008's Circus, the Femme Fatale alongside a judging character on The X Factor's American version of 2011 in the year 2012. And it actually has no... More

Britney Spears's "If U Seek Amy" Video: You will have to go your whole life without hearing someone having a lovely voice for the situation that's thatbe, and that you're not sure how possible that is. Spears is well and alive and additionally the gossip isn't imprecise. . Socalled ... More

Factor' Diet To Keep Simon Cowell Joyful (VIDEO): However, the company is however continuing to push on the drug as a weight loss help and celeb utilization is helping to fuel the discussion of the impacts of the HCG diet - Along With the dangers. Britney Spears has had her issues with her weight be... More

Britney Spears Dilemmas 'No Hangover' Policy: Pop star Britney Spears is looking at the minute and she's credited her weight-loss as being down to some combination of a low-carb diet. I have to admit that I am starting to consider that this diet is more than just a gimmick. Listen, should you wo... More

Why Talking Should Be Every Writer's (Other) Best Friend: The 26-year old mother of two appears to have gotten past the last two troubling years of her life and declares she's at her "healthiest she's been all her life." Britney credits a rigorous diet strategy that cuts out all of the sugar in her diet wit... More

Britney Lands TV Documentary: However, the mother-of-two has mapped out a new healthful eating strategy to be a healthy role model for her sons that were growing. Average folks can have star- like bodies and by following these diet and fitness plans, they could also appear to be ... More

Britney Spears Got That Bikini Body: you're not precisely sure what Britney's nutritionists are telling her to eat for her 1200 calories every day, but I really don't think eliminating (or limiting considerably) fruit from one's diet is such a horrible thought, IF fruits are replaced by... More

Britney 'Tracked 24: Nature that is happily had a way of delaying when Spears got pregnant along with her second kid what could happen to be a lousy choice by her. She's into 60 minutes of rest exercise for 4 days in a week. The strawberry diet can be used as a ... More

Britney Spears Photoshopped In New Candies Advertisements? (VIDEO): Most of all it's extremely important to locate a diet plan that works for you personally. In line with the Daily Mirror, Britney made a surprise appearance on the show for the Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears sketch of Jimmy and soon found hers... More

Star Releases Unphotoshopped Pics Of Sweets Advertising (Photos): It is not often that a star's weigh reduction strategy is revealed to the world but when it does get shown, you may be sure that it works. Britney is apparently ready to return to her best as she relaunches her career, following her notorious disloca... More

Britney Spears Works Out Five Times A Week, Reveals New Diet: As a teen, Hairspray star Brittany Snow would eat less than 500 calories per day, work out just as much as three hours every day and cut herself. Attempt to add one or two additional pushups every day to your own fitness routine before you r... More

Return Of The Carb Counters! Atkins Diet Intends To Generate A Recovery: Six hours of exercise per day is enough to make nearly anyone cringe. Britney Spears participates in a exercise plan which uses both her strengths to keep a proper diet and toned body. Trick - To reduce weight weight reduction recipes should be used ... More

Healthy, Joyful, Popular (Apparently): Incredibly, it was only three years past that Spears was put on a suicide watch and forcibly hospitalized following a nervous breakdown. It damaged her voice, as well as gave her an enviable figure but altered her metabolism, her nervous system. Spea... More

How Britney Lost 20 lbs In 4 Weeks: your calories were raised enourmously!!!!! I had a pal who took all sugars out of her diet to get a time - even foods like carrots, peas, potatoes and corn. Spears' fitness strategy carries a low-carb diet and rigorous workouts that include... More

Britney Spears' New Hot Body Diet Exposed: Liz Taylor's diet supposedly consisted of unbelievable dishes that were such as cottage cheese blended with sour cream, steak and peanut butter sandwiches, and breakfasts made upof dry toast. You should concentrate on cardio and A you might ... More

Britney Spears Does It Again! Reveals Work Out And Her New Diet Plan: Apparently Britney told staff that she had the disease for a long time, together with the exclusion of her pregnancies. Spears had told People Magazine that she gets a break from all of her work on Sundays. The top thing anyone trying to shed weight ... More

Britney Spears Diet,Weight Reduction,Figure Keys: Now, Britney and Trawick 's dadControl of the personal conservatorship, letting them make life decisions for the singer - and of the business conservatorship, which entails handling the singer's career and finances. I choose the products (generally w... More

Singer Steps Out In Boxer Shorts: The production will give an account of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus by using Spears hits like 'Stronger', '...Baby One More Time' and '(You Drive Me) Crazy'. Speaking in regards to the project in the musical's official site, origi... More

"The Gospel According To Britney": The image on the TwitPic of Britney SpearsTogether with the affiliated imitation post to Twitter have both been deleted. An insider commented, "Britney warned him of the slippery slope that can easily result in rehabilitation - or even death... More

Britney Spears Confidante Sobs Over Death Threats: What is depressing is the fact that YOU will find out that you believed the Father of Lies -that YOU were the one deceived, not the Christians -to your endless detriment before you die, unless you need to do something about the state of your spirit. ... More

Hackers Blamed For Wave Of Fake Departure Tweets: If none of them were, but are 'allegedly' about the last record, it makes one believe that 'lesser quality' Britney (or throw away tracks) coming out this early may actually hurt album sales. Sam Lutfi tried to benefit from a very exposed Britney Spe... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: Spears nor Alexander have commented to the occasion for what it's, yet: a desperate bid for promotion, rivalling Jayne Mansfield's forgery- the latest reason or kidnapping Oprah isn't prepared to settle down with Stedman. It is a matter of class (Fun... More

Britney Spears Contradicts Herself On 'X Factor' Walkouts And Attributes Demi Lovato: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at the 2014 Academy Of Country Music Awards in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Vegas, Nevada on April 6. In full control of himself, Jamie says, 'Leave your daughter alone, and get out of their lives'." Gladstone additionall... More

PICS Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Amber Rose Spill Huge Cleavage At Bash After Whitney: Britney Spears has apparently warned Justin Bieber that his bad boy behavior could result in rehabilitation - or even death. The girls chose to cover among their idols, Britney Spears , as well as the music video for the song is quite the treat! And ... More

Celebrity Death Hoaxes Through The Years: Britney Spears made an embarassing public blunder when a videographer in the street asked how she felt about Annette Funicello's passing -- and she inadvertently said it was excellent." However, the pop star spoke out on Twitter and revealed her erro... More

Britney Spears' Documentary Shows Her Love For Watermelon Bubble Gum, And Sex: See the Britney Spears dead" video below which is alreadyTwo years old report, and as untrue as now. The 32-year-old Toxic singer unveiled her Cozy Britney Spears Lingerie set in the Cafe Royal Hotel in London last night (24 September). The ... More

Britney Spears Case To Be Dismissed?: US pop star Britney Spears just unleashed her post-apocalyptic clip for "Till the World Ends," featuring a futuristic dance party, clubby beats, and versions donning Mad Max attire. He's suing father James Spears for allegedly punching him i... More

Britney Spears OffersTo Justin Bieber: Although she lacked a singing voice or musical gift, Madonna's marketing model was adopted by Spears and emerged tabloid dear and a celeb. In June 2007, rumors spread that Hilton had been shanked to death in jail. There are several key point... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Because Of Mental Issues: The thought of the video in no way relates to britney killing herself. Spears has her dad to thank for getting her career back on track following a mental breakdown in 2008 This past summer and both Trawick it had been reported that Spears was growin... More

Britney Spears Dead Hacked: Is Britney Spears moving to Las Vegas? Could there be a Baby Britney in the future? Dread not, as Spears clarified later that she only misheard the question and just gave the PR-approved grin and nod" reaction, which operates in every other conceivab... More

Vocalist Abused Amphetamines & Crystal Meth, Says Ex: Replace Britney having a look-alike and continue her career! Sharon Murphy charges the firm of Steiner & Libo with legal malpractice, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty for not properly informing her that in January 2011 -- when... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: The slow yet specific drop of Britney Spears is not easy to evaluate. Britney made a blunder alligning herself wth Madonna, Madonna doesn't have enough ability herself to go spreading it around. Lutfi is seeking millions of dollars from her ... More

Britney Spears Reveals Piece Of You Las Vegas Set List: Thinking of the video in no way relates to britney killing herself. Winter told THR on Monday that in the time of Monjack's departure, Sharon Murphy told him she didn't consider mould was the trigger and she would not permit an inspection of the prop... More

Britney Spears Eyes 'The Catcher In The Rye' Film: I really don't care about Spears anymore and I can't believe she's still a narrative. First off I think Britney Spears is great. The "Ooh La La" singer continues to be active prepping for her Las Vegas residency. Construction workers began t... More

The Death Of Britney Spears: But they are not really a dying breed on the planet as you say. . If she was found again he explained, she'd return to jail, which will be part of Las Vegas' strict 23 strikes and your out rule for distressed debutantes. As they aren't going t... More

Britney Spears On Departure Of Annette Funicello I Believe That Is Great": Britney had also started a relationship with NSYNC vocalist Justin Timberlake, and they promised to be the hottest couple around the music landscape. In a few instances, includinghoax in 2001 that was set up by Dallas disc jockeys, Kramer & ... More

Lil Wayne Killed ? Another Celebrity Death Gossip: Following a rugged quantity of years , Britney Spears is back and better than ever. I got assault Lance Cade is dead. A vocalist that's not stingy will put something down the mic to assist the engineer get at the quantity that is best, perhaps and th... More

Jason Trawick & Britney Spears Break Up -- She Left Him & The X: New videos released this past week include stylized scifi clips from US pop stars Britney Spears and Katy Perry and a "live" single-take video for Death Cab for Cutie's new track. In one particularly intriguing scene in the documentary, papa Jamie is... More

Britney Spears Already Dead To AP: She's having wild events every night, where you wonder if she will leave living or dead. She hasn't learned to play with the game; THAT's the reason for her decrease. Lutfi maintains that Britney unexpectedly jumped out without warning. Spea... More

Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston: She wrote in her novel that Britney was drugged by him. She had been committed to the psych ward of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after shaving her head by January of 2008, while Spears voluntarily confessed herself into the Ensures rehabilit... More

Britney Spears Offers Surprising Reply To Fellow Mouseketeer Annette Funicello's Passing VIDEO: Russell Crowe and Justin Bieber were Googled to departure. In reality, the single gossip that is interesting is the truth that Kevin Federline and Britney Spears reunited to attend their children's graduation from preschool together. Along w... More

Britney Spears Is A Robot Has Replaced Her Plus Dead: Being that I 'm utterly obsessed with celebrities as well as their lives, (lame i know!) I feel like I cover actions and the antics of Britney! Naturally Britney is going to really possess three, or two, or a bad day! Britney Spears, her boy... More

Britney Spears' Singing Without Vehicle: The rocker is filling in for Chelsea Handler in a series of guest episodes this week and most probably made the absent comic proud in the show of Tuesday, when he made an off colour joke about the Las Vegas and also Britney deal she's allegedly close... More

Rick Astley, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman: Although the level of psychological energy of Britney Spear might be questioned just among them is alive now. Catastrophe can be seen in "Britney's New Look" in the media coverage on each misfortune that Britney Spears goes through. She's an insult t... More

Britney Spears Dead? Do You Believe Britney Spears Perished?: Socalled Grunge " removed the eighties music scene creating pariahs from a generation of musicians. Spears married Jason Alexander in Vegas, before it had been annulled 55 hours later through the time in question. Spears is hard at work on her eighth... More

November 5 Is Britney Spears Day: Gladstone included that when Jamie Spears went to court and asked for conservatorship of his daughter it was promptly granted and remains in effect. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. I THOUGHT it was funny there was no Britney post yeste... More

Performer Killed By Toxic Mold Says Mother: World premiere of 'The Walking Dead (effort. The order was put in place after Britney was set within an involuntary psychiatric hold and stripped with ex husband Kevin Federline, which she's since recovered. Attorney Joseph Schleimer said hi... More

Yahoo's Top Ten Searches For 2010: Britney S. I reckon this year, I won't win the Brittney Spears motherhood award, shucks. . Sports a brand new blonde bob as she walks into her new life without hubby Kevin Federline. Britney Spears formally has her own vacation thanks to the c... More

Britney Spears Is Allegedly Ignoring Her Kids For Love And Work: you'd never need Britney (or anyone) to shoot after Madonna. Will then discusses Spears withguidance counselor Emma Pillsbury ( Jayma Mays ). Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I'll be merciless in pointing out the H... More

Britney Spears Has Rare Farting Disorder: Lets get back to l'il Britney. With 8-bit color, photos appeared grainy as the computer had to use dithering technology to approximate more colours than it could actually show simultaneously. Britney Spears' sister! First, I don't m... More

Britney Spears Does Not Choke On X: Spears has topped the charts using various popular songs in her career, including the hit Baby One More Time" in 1998 and Toxic" in 2004. Britney Spears is the QUEEN of Pop. In the two-minute film, the video blogger that is blond chokes back tears as... More

Britney Spears Do Somethin'": Previously six months, waiting lists for rehabilitation services run by the Salvation Army and the Odyssey House in Melbourne have ballooned to up to three months. Poor Britney. K Fed's status in the entertainment business has been massively... More

Britney Spears Stations Angelina Jolie, Part II?: Clearly, Britney just could not cope with Kfed's meteoric rise into hip hop royalty. One on hair color. True, often it takes quite a while to work past things, at which point a person could be reluctant to come forward as the scene has gone ... More

Pets In Vacation Costumes Bring Holiday Cheer: Just as much as WE believe in the royal princess, they keep hearing all these rumors of Simon Cowell second guessing the best conclusion of his X Factor profession! Naturally, for discovering aliens the fifth and final rule is finding that that they'... More

Final Destination: you're certain there's a line of pimps that will LOVE to get their hooks in Britney. Whilst they're under anesthesia Santana and Brittany sing a duet in You hinting in a telepathic drug-caused connection involving the two girls, where Spears... More

Jake Is Back! 5 Biggest OMG Minutes From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 10: Either way, Spears kind of sounds like a little child pretending to be Britney Spears. Interviewing like deposing Bill Clinton: Regardless of the signs Britney Spears is, she doesn't waver. Meanwhile, Britney sits within an empty palace, taking care ... More

Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson's Husband, Admits To Assault Charges: But she looks like Britney Spears circa 2002 in this getup for the Cell Block Tango". Britney had an ass so hot you wanted to slap it using a dolphin's flipper over and over again. This is a fraudulent white chocolate meets with genuine industrial tr... More

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