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'The Newsroom' Reviews, 'Brave,' Justin 'Believe' & More: He said he had been told Spears had seen his video but not what she thought about it. This fool is asserting that Alex Rodriguez's bat has gone cold, in a month where he has a fucking730 SLG and an OPS of 1.149, with 8 HR in 63 AB. From the ... More

Christopher Heard: It is another to belittle her and tell her she's mad, although it's something to differ with your partner. After taking with four friends in a Saturday-night performance of Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, Spears headed for the 50 Cent album rele... More

Justin Timberlake Is the Savior of Saturday Night Live. Let them Get Him In The Cast!: They then go forward to his buddies that are N'Sync and Justin Timberlake finding out that Britney was offered a part in a girl band in the time called Innosense, which she turned down. Britney was never a fantastic dancer. Thank goodness Ca... More

Remember When She Danced Such As This?: That was unbelievable," Simon chokes out, as he nervously eats. Odyssey House CEO Stephan Gruenert said the center was at its busiest ever, using the amount of Victorians seeking residential rehabilitation rising more than 115 per cent. Britney was s... More

5 Times Britney: called her a star and said she reminded him of a youthful Rihanna! Next, Don Phillip came onstage and Britney gives him a funny look. She might have 'snapped' using the umbrella to throw suspicion off the head shaving behaviour. In the end, I could n... More

Jamie Lynn Goes Country: News and no cause of death was yet indicated. Spears and Lucado were seen holding hands on Friday in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Thousand Oaks, Calif., according to Us Weekly. Predictably, the Britney biography begins with her humble beginn... More

Celeb Biography: In January 2008, Jamie Spears walked into Britney's house and faces Lufti face to face. Life After Death: No, Adam Sandler isn't buried under 20 feet of snow, nor was his dead body dragged down from a Switzerland mountain. Who comprehended Passing an... More

Britney Spears Biography ~ Your Post: That Is an excellent string of No.1 records! Based on a kind of the Britney Spears dead rumors doing the rounds, she was killed five years ago and is now being played by means of a body double....yeah, they never said these gossips make sense. Britn... More

Unseen And biography Photographs ~ Styles & Trends: Like Guido which you may sell more newspapers, this editor is seemingly needing for her departure. Numerous supporters quickly started composing their messages of condolence to the Facebook page, expressing their despair the talented 32-year old voca... More

Spears Needs Fiance Added To Supervising: Britney Spears is not dead, and additionally you may expect her working for her or someone to make a statement verifying that she is still living exceptionally shortly. Whitney Houston expired in the age of 48. Britney spears clothes. As the... More

Awful Little Matter: Her deviation will shortly be pronounced through earth world, if it were not inexact having a star huge. Before composing the lyrics to 'Everytime', Britney composed the piano music to set the theme and sat down in a piano. Sharon and Brittany Murphy... More

Finest Britney Spears Tunes List: Is not dead today, even though the overall amount of mental energy of Britney Spear may be challenged merely among them. Trawick (a former agent at William Morris Endeavor) took the lead in negotiating the$15 million deal that she got for be... More

Top Gaming Found Expected At E3: Construction workers began the $20 million makeover of the PH Live area at Planet Hollywood last month, as mentioned by the Las Vegas Sun. Cause of death hadn't been released. Representatives for Bieber said the previous pop princess warned ... More

Britney Spears' 'In The Zone' Record Turns 10: Timberlake all but supported this gossip in his music video for "Cry You a River," which depicted a Britney Spears lookalike being caught in the act of infidelity. Britney Spears is simply not expected to testify because her conservatorship judge rul... More

Britney Spears Needs To Have An Infant Girl: Lutfi sued in February 2009, about per year after Spears place and was hospitalized to manage her well-being and financing. Pop Queen Britney Spears has split from her boyfriend of over a year David Lucado. And so, like she did at after look... More

Britney Spears' Demo Melody 'Alien' With William Orbit Surfaces Online: Britney spears femme fatale release date. Like many (including Jon Voight and Larry King), Britney says Whitey's torch song "I Will Always Love You" is her all time favourite. It was that Jamie SpearsFaced her and shoved her. Britney spears ... More

Kate Middleton From Britney Spears New Variety To Model Lingerie?: She's dwelling, where you wonder nightly, if she is likely to dead or having dreadful occasions. There are various other stars, for example Celine Dion, who have had successful runs in Vegas. Britney Spears, her boyfriend David Lucado, her e... More

The Brother Claims Narrative of Jef Holm Is' not 100% False ': Glee episode spears. He slams a vase against lashes frusterated and the wall outside - and Britney must shields her face from the glass that is smashed! In "Blessed", Britney plays two parts. He is also suing Britney Spears to get plenty of ... More

Brooklyn's The Dead Betties Give Britney Spears' 'Lucky' A Punk: her enjoyment is unquestionably an abuse to some girl fighting to get by on her smarts and that I am sick to death of all things Britney Spears. In occasions in this way, however, Britney Spears could be considered one performer which was not unlucky... More

Charli XCX On Songwriting, Feminism, And Britney Spears: Bear in mind that Spears is only 27. Britney allegedly expired again. Attorneys representing Spears say Lutfi was raven to the vocalist during a vulnerable period in her life. International pop shared some keys that gave them an indepth look... More

The Real Housewives Of New York City's Alex McCord: So even if Britney Spears has again wowed upward with her latest showing of her power to pull herself out of fitness AWOL and kick her bag of Doritos and Blizzard treats to the curb and transform her body yet again to seem fantastic on her tour, it i... More

Britney Spears Meltdown 2012: I understand that not everybody following an occasional fasting strategy will eat poorly in the non-fasting days, but in regards to the mainstream here is the message that seems to be sticking. QuoteThey don't want their audience to see Britney Spear... More

Are The Media Striving To Make Britney Possess A Nervous Breakdown?: Britney saw to what one might let a young child her liberty reduced, little by little, and normally put on serious medication after her 5150 hold was diagnosed as bipolar. Spears has additionally neglected as it pertains to union. Dubbed "st... More

Is Brit Headed To Get A Breakdown?: Britney has set up shop in the perfume business, but she is now getting to the entire world of lingerie, debuting the Intimate Britney Spears Collection, which comes in lines with names like Ambrosia" and Anemone." The commercials for the lingerie ar... More

The Illuminati Is Actual, Plus It Is Everywhere., Amanda Bynes: She's gone through so much in the last 6 months. He is seeking millions of dollars from Spears and her family, maintaining her mommy's 2008 novel, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Recognition and Family in a Tabloid World," lied about him ... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Due To Mental Issues: Spears stays the tabloid embodiment of Nietzsche's well-known adage about stuff that really doesn't kill you: Her life story that is dirty has only made her more popular, more relatable. A new rumor harvests up every day: She feeds pop in baby bottle... More

Can You Think That Britney Spears Has Had A Mental Breakdown?: Oct., as the lawyer for Britney and her family made their opening statements on Fridaydon't know Britney in person. Your client was made a scapegoat for drug abuse and unpredictable behaviour of Britney Spears," Schleimer said in his opening... More

Hospitalized For Nervous Breakdown!: you're depressed to see like this. Granted, Madame Tussauds wax stars are probably more frequently unsettling than they are lifelike, however there is something particularly unnerving relating to this Britney. This is going to be the show's ... More

Britney's Heartbreaking Descent Into Mania Is A Journey I Know All Too Well: And today that she is become the latest act in Vegas, that strategy is being continued by Britney. Performers say they love playing characters who've gone around the bend because it lets them a chance to stretch. Her vampire boyfriend would ... More

Nervous Breakdown News And Photographs: Schleimer suggested that Spears was afraid a judge would order a test of her hair. Furthermore, in the event the crazy Brit style decided to dominate over pleasant Britney personality and vampire boyfriend's angry skills did not predominate ... More

Paris Jackson Pregnant And Participated At 16 After Suicide Attempt: Britney had been acting quite outrageous in the months leading up to her going bald and family and friends were quite worried. The hair divas turned on their heels, leaving the Company to use while insisting to Britney, coaxing back them that she mus... More

16 Celebs Who Battle Mental Illness Celeb Zen: It's simple to make fun of Britney Spears. Jive was cautious about booking Britney on the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, but it was too great a promotional chance to pass up. picture lost, vomiting in public, trading clothing with a strip club... More

Baby Bump Is A Result Of Poor Photo Angle Say Sources: Besides the defamation suit, his attorney and Lufti are appealing a judgment requesting him to repay more than $93,000 in legal fees the Spears family has already paid On Tuesday, the one-time pop tart releases her eighth album, Britney Jean" -- anot... More

Britney Spears Shears Hair Off: Spears had appeared to get a deposition in her guardianship dispute but was deposed for just 14 minutes earlier Thursday, Federline lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan said. On day among the Britney Spears defamation suit which was filed by her ex-manager in ... More

Britney Spears Needs A Vampire Boyfriend: I am hoping that after her three-day hold at UCLA medical centre, Britney can stay under a physician's care. It is with everyone acting deadly serious, and folks from myriad ethnicities, like the United Nations in this pub. The Blackout that... More

Mad Chick Flicks: but dosnt make her a bad person. Ive seen both in concert and britney puts. Within days of her suicidal behavior, Spears - who was in and out of rehabilitation before shaving her own head and after assaulting a photographer's car with the umbrella - ... More

Britney Spears Fired From X Factor As Judge?: It's only hair. Its Britney that is true is the one that people care about. Harvey Levin, managing editor of, said that Spears' family, made her go to rehabilitation and concerned about drinking and her excessive partying, staged an interven... More

Britney Spears And New Beau David Lucado Spotted With First PDA: For Britney... In 2010, Lovato entered rehabilitation for ratting on her drinking and cocaine use after clocking a backup dancer in the face area. It felt inevitable that I should love Britney. And she gave a reason that is logical to us. In... More

An Adorable Cat Reenacts Britney's 2001 'I'm A Slave 4 U' VMA Performance!: Spears is not 'mentally incompetent', the precident for this has always been much hire that what is used here. On Friday, Britney Spears and her parents started in the defamation lawsuit from the X Factor judge and it stands to expose all the intrica... More

Britney Spears Star Image Analysis: Check your photos on Twitter for up up to now photographs!" Another tweet (also since deleted) pointed to the alleged impostor's grey sweatshirt, black sweatpants, socks, and sandals as evidence of fraud. Britney Spears has gone via several various i... More

Top ten Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Has Gone Insane: I am a Canadian, and I love Brittany Spears...consistently have. . According to The Daily Star newspaper, reports demonstrated by blending drugs and drink Britney had tried to take her own life. The Ace : In both work ethic and general power t... More

Ringmaster Britney Returns With Stuffed New Orleans Concert: Those two lads (assuming there's a second child and in fact it is a boy) are planning to look up to her and begin to see the life she's leading, and turn out just like the scummy papa. Yet another thing that was dumb has been done by Britney and may ... More

Britney Spears 'Records Girls Gone Wild' For Madonna's MDNA: I really like Britney and think every1 needs to lay off her, so what she gets drunk, has some 'poor' boyfriends and cuts her hair....big deal, every1 does it! Your 3 year old daughter has a fraudulent blue gun. Britney spent most of 2007 at ... More

Britney Spears Shows Off Toned Pins As She Stores For Blooms: However, the star's increasingly unpredictable behaviour behind closed doors has many of her inner circle stressed that there'll be a repeat of the breakdown she suffered 18 months past. With a new (far from sold out) tour,This week arrived ... More

Downfalls From Mild To Wild (PHOTOS): Selena Gomez successfully kept her carefully crafted Anti-Miley" picture until recently: The on-again off-again girlfriend of fellow troubled star Justin Bieber covertly entered rehabilitation in January 2014, though her congressmen adamantly deny it... More

Your Teen Self Should Have Gone Wild With Vogue: So she shaved her hair...any1 merely think tht she only needed a fresh start seein as she finnali got rid of tht minger of a guy she was with! I dont give a big fat shit about britney fucking spears. Weirdness Attraction : Over her 32 year life, she'... More

Cats Impersonate Madonna, Britney Spears & Other Memorable VMA Moments: They miss their dose of Britney Tit. Tognozzi said she was talking to Spears' bodyguard when the buzzer was caught by the pop star and started buzzing off her own hair. BRITNEY Spears has flipped her lid in rehab, trying to hang herself usin... More

The Disney Channel Has Gone Crazy: Hair of Gold, Heart Was marketed as this though she's cast that picture away in favour of a more mature image, when she first started out. Topless, drunk, and lonely, Spears seduces a college student in a resort pool." Matt had been an extra in Britn... More

Britney And Her Mom, Slap It Outside, Btch": Becauseit's confidental, he does not understand what shesaw the doctor about or what she was admitted for, but because she is already gone home, that usuallymeans nothing important. Hair can grow back (Natalie Portman and Demi Moore are prime example... More

The Best Of Britney's Bad Hair: Like it was yesterday I could still remember. Must Have Caffein : Noted in both "Live and Much More!" and "Behind The Scenes of The Toxic Video" she must have caffeine every morning due to her outrageous working hours. Although your affinity for Brit... More

Fake Nude Pics Of Britney Spears: Afterwards, two more photographs leaked that showed the singer participating in sexual acts. There's a rumor circling around that says that Britney had Smartlipo done with Dr. Sources have told TMZ that the wedding has been approved by her conservato... More

Britney Spears Gets To Spend Her Birthday Refusing Abuse Reports: I really believe that when Britney and Kevin first got together, the media went nuts because she was - pardon the phrase - marrying beneath herself. Anyone can e-mail you if they desire an outgoing girl and open minded to discuss to. I started search... More

Anderson Cooper Tweets Naked Photo Of Kathy Griffin, Says It's Her NYE Ensemble: Nor was your choice to get a fake ID for the event. Your belly fluttered with the delicious rush that comes in the seconds before trying to utilize a fake ID when the Britney ahead of you was done. I listened in her talking voice Britney had... More

As You're Ugly, Britney Spears Topless Pictures Leaked The Superficial: As for britney.. Perhaps it's because they simply like Britney. . Now, Spears is waiting to sign Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on her Vegas deal. In 2011, Mila Kunis' phone was hacked and some compromising photographs leaked, which folks ... More

Britney Spears Fake Sex Photographs: GAWD - with all her dough, and she STILL acts like pure WHITE TRASH! Britney Spears' new Mediterranean style property in the heavily protected Sherwood Country Club estates is nearly 8,500 square-feet. The seller asserts that Lovato can simp... More

Britney Spears Auditions To Play Andy Murray's Girlfriend In Fake Movie (Video): Spears was a budding gymnast when she was a child and competed in several tournaments. I wasn't surprised to understand that one of them was dating an attendee in the monster truck convention, and they held hands on the very top of the Britney obstac... More

Britney Spears' Workout Regimen Pretty Much Demonstrates Her Abs Usually Are Not Forgery: Britney lip syncs every song she performs. Spears has a demanding time keeping individuals in her life, Sims said, because individuals often sell her out, making up lies and selling stories." Ghalib, whose former photo agency continues to be... More

'Newsroom' Actress Unintentionally Tweets Bare Pic (NSFW PHOTO): Plastic surgeon Dr. Britney tit always has been and is the most amazing thing on the web. One of the primary strategies used to strengthen and normalize a twisted idea of average" is media's representation of women as exceptionally thin (mea... More

Prince Harry Naked Photographs Stay Unprinted In Every British Newspaper: The name make it's a comparison, "Beyonce vs Britney." Listing stages of their career between both is complete a comparison. She was wearing a wrist watch on one wrist and a hair tie in another, and she kept them both on through the entire show. I di... More

Britney Back To Bogus Hair Color We're Used To: Subsequently Beyonce still has a long way to go if they want to compare them overall. Her backup singer is forced to address the accusations that she's the voice behind the music as rumors swirl that Britney Spears just sings on her very own album. C... More

Prince Harry To Face Military Reprimand Over Nude Pics Scandal (REPORT): does, though. Perhaps its a more titilating post if it Britney getting poked for this and that, they all understand it sells magazines and more papers. I believe that it's beside the point whether or not the photographs were leaked. While Br... More

Britney Spears In Trouble Over Criminal Music Video Shoot: Barts with then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow in 1995, Brad Pitt was photographed sunbathing naked, and the illegally procured photographs were sold and printed by Playgirl. This time a guy claims to have secretly taped himself having sex with Spears la... More

Official Cover Art Of Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Shown: It's lovely, I said, closing the lei as she came to reposition beside you to improve at the dresses that were bearded to britney spears fake sex photos out. day 1,100 to 1,200 calories a Britney Spears joins the ranks of celebs taking diet pills. Und... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction, Fake Abs Shocking! See Outrageous 'Circus' Vegas Performance VIDEO & PICTURES: The alleged Lindsay Lohan sex tape photos may well not function as the Mean Girls star in the end. I 'd no clue the best way to solicit the professional services of a fake IDist, so than I usually do, in the expectation that I might not look old enou... More

Ashley Tisdale And Britney Spears Spotted In Same Hot Pink Mini Dress: Britney SOLD 85 million albums,70 millions singles,#1albums,#1singles,#1tours,#1parfumes,most popular and most desired artist,most succesful musician of their dacede... Your new partner in Britney sweet talked the ticket taker. . Not shockingl... More

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