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'The Newsroom' Reviews, 'Brave,' Justin 'Believe' & More: It's the pop star lifestyle Britney desired to keep having the specific work: everyone in awe, being the greatest man in the club, having all the attention. Consider the section in his hair. The problem: while BitTorrent and P2P are historic... More

Christopher Heard: Like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears their idols eventually turn into freaks. The reason why the world desires Britney Spears to be a full-fledged star again is simply because they want Britney Spears. Aside from the truth that the only p... More

Justin Timberlake Is the Savior of Saturday Night Live. Let them Get Him In The Cast!: If there is a small uptick in X-Factor's ratings this year it's likely because the whole TMZ readership tuned in to see if their favorite whipping post, Britney Spears, broken underneath the pressure. Suffice it to say, that Jason Trawick hasn't put ... More

Remember When She Danced Such As This?: Odyssey House CEO Stephan Gruenert said the center was at its busiest ever, using the amount of Victorians seeking residential rehabilitation rising more than 115 per cent. In Britney Spears ' latest sung faux pas, they hear her belt out "Aliens" fro... More

5 Times Britney: Schuester due to a complaint by Brittany, Kurt sarcastically thanks Brittany, to which Santana answers "Leave Brittany alone" in a reference to Chris Crocker 's famous video. Spears life is the matter of all kinds of ridicule over the previous couple... More

Jamie Lynn Goes Country: That isn't the first time that a Jackie Chan passing hoax has made its way. . Rumors have been circulating with allmedia along utilizing the Internet making them propagate immediately about her being dead, for a long time. The vocalis... More

Celeb Biography: Life After Death: No, Adam Sandler isn't buried under 20 feet of snow, nor was his dead body dragged down from a Switzerland mountain. Who comprehended Passing and Britney could unite. Life After Passing: Charlie does not have sufficient time dead. I... More

Britney Spears Biography ~ Your Post: Life After Death: Everyone understands Russell Crowe is a wild man. Rumors of the death at times of Lindsay Lohan happen to be fairly believable. They are planning to undoubtedly not give you the Britney Spears sin ropa inner" pictures becau... More

Unseen And biography Photographs ~ Styles & Trends: health department as the coroner had requested. The slow though unique fall of Britney Spears is tough to assess. In old it acually demo he unlike womanizer that I consider as it reveals the unique britney spears and that its really cool for someone ... More

Spears Needs Fiance Added To Supervising: Christina aguilera britney spears. . The cause of death continues to be not understood. Britney spears womanizer mp3. In Maythe BBC reported she was found dead in her house. Perish Clips von einigen Musikern gezeigt. Britney has declined to re... More

Awful Little Matter: Michael Jackson performs with Britney Spears during the Michael Jackson '30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years' concert at Nyc 's Madison Square Garden, Friday, Sept. After her manager told Billboard about her next big show, Britney l... More

Finest Britney Spears Tunes List: Even Spears are refusing it. Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick celebrated her 29th birthday on December 2 at a GBP3,000-a-nighttime - three, bedroom villa at the beachfront town of Conchas Chinas. See today's front and back pages, d... More

Top Gaming Found Expected At E3: Casino giant Caesars Entertainment declared that it could host Britney Day" at The LINQ Promenade in Vegas on November 5. Is Britney Spears moving to Vegas? Could there be an Infant Britney in the not too distant future? The brandnew Spears' airs' Dr... More

Britney Spears' 'In The Zone' Record Turns 10: It is here! If it ain't broken, why fix it, right? Is Britney Spears alive or dead? It's been widely reported because she allegedly cheated on him with his choreographer buddy Wade Robson that Timberlake broke up with Spears. Since 2008, Spears is un... More

Britney Spears Needs To Have An Infant Girl: Britney Spears is a famous American singer. Lutfi is seeking millions of dollars from her relatives and Spears, ensuring a novel her mum composed detailing that time lied about him isolating and drugging the pop star. New videos released thi... More

Britney Spears' Demo Melody 'Alien' With William Orbit Surfaces Online: Britney spears femme fatale release date. The vocalist was in Vegas when her zipper malfunctioned. Like many (including Jon Voight and Larry King), Britney says Whitey's torch song "I Will Always Love You" is her all time favourite. Glee episode with... More

Kate Middleton From Britney Spears New Variety To Model Lingerie?: So to summarize for most of you Britney Spears fan club devotees. . There are various other stars, for example Celine Dion, who have had successful runs in Vegas. Britney Spears, her boyfriend David Lucado, her ex husband Kevin Federl... More

The Brother Claims Narrative of Jef Holm Is' not 100% False ': Piece of you britney spears lyrics. Britney spears trouble. Glee episode spears. Britney spears autograph. After 16 years in the music business and nearly 100 million record sales under her belt, the 32-year old vocalist has added "designer" to her a... More

Brooklyn's The Dead Betties Give Britney Spears' 'Lucky' A Punk: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Britney spears buff. Parody of the 2nd half of the refrain for Britney Spears melody Oops I did it again". 38, Lutfi, is suing Britney for 15 percentHer earnings throughout the interval where he was in t... More

Charli XCX On Songwriting, Feminism, And Britney Spears: The Britney Spears you see is not Britney Spears. Bush for saying he did not care about black people after Hurricane Katrina. The pop star began her entrance set of lingerie and sleepwear, called "The Close Britney Spears," in London Tuesday night. A... More

The Real Housewives Of New York City's Alex McCord: In your opinion, she's having a nervous breakdown. Probably the only thing more disastrous to Britney 's public image than her 2004 wedding was her text message divorce in November of 2006. She's gone via a heck of a lot previously two years... More

Britney Spears Meltdown 2012: QuoteThey don't want their audience to see Britney Spears. . Cohen doesn't understand what constitutes abuse or negligence or tried his best to give Britney an alibi. These publications will likely focus to teen popstar, her mommy years, and h... More

Are The Media Striving To Make Britney Possess A Nervous Breakdown?: I think Britney has gone through too much too quick and does not have anyone guiding her. Surprisingly, it was less than two years back that Spears was put on a suicide watch and hospitalized following a nervous breakdown. According to a so ... More

Is Brit Headed To Get A Breakdown?: Britney to the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. Spears has been for four plus a half years, below the conservatorship of her father, Jamie. It was about oen special section which was written and mentioned something about a seat, on Britney Spear... More

The Illuminati Is Actual, Plus It Is Everywhere., Amanda Bynes: She's gone through so much in the last 6 months. He is seeking millions of dollars from Spears and her family, maintaining her mommy's 2008 novel, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Recognition and Family in a Tabloid World," lied about him ... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Due To Mental Issues: While she geared for the December 2008 release of her sixth studio album, Circus, the next months found Britney check her penchant guest star on How I Met Your Mother and release another Greatest Hits record. Britney Spears finally has her personal a... More

Can You Think That Britney Spears Has Had A Mental Breakdown?: Britney starts to really love her paparazzi pursuits, as 2007 comes to a close. It was clear she had not been over her union," said ex-boyfriend Isaac Cohen, giving Britney some cover in advance of a possible custody battle. Her true tori sh... More

Hospitalized For Nervous Breakdown!: Britney is more settled and calmer, and has been happily dating her representative -boyfriend, Jason Trawick, 39, since 2009. With so lots of people struggling to achieve their very own ideal weight or fitness level it's worth pointing out that while... More

Britney's Heartbreaking Descent Into Mania Is A Journey I Know All Too Well: She also needs to learn recognize no guy will make her happy and to love herself - only Britney can do this. Spears is booked on charges of hit-and-run and driving with no permit. And insane Supervisor! . He's in addition the father of her kid... More

Nervous Breakdown News And Photographs: A former party animal, Britney is calmer and more happy these days. Most young people whine regarding their dads running their lives; in this case, the girl who sings You better work, bitch" in her latest video still needs to undergo her dad... More

Paris Jackson Pregnant And Participated At 16 After Suicide Attempt: UK-based public relations guru Max Clifford opined that Spears and her hangers on were feeding with this association by engaging in a skeptical media exercise made to generate maximum coverage. Based on first hand reports, it's clear Britney had a ne... More

16 Celebs Who Battle Mental Illness Celeb Zen: She was not simply someone where I could be playing myself." With doctors who treated delusion, Meester met for The Roommate. Cohen acknowledged that Britney appeared to really have a breakdown. Night after night, she hit the L.A. There was ... More

Baby Bump Is A Result Of Poor Photo Angle Say Sources: Brit's former supervisor Sam Lutfi , in which Sam is suing for defamation and breach of contract, has only just gotten underway, but unusual info is already being released in court. Britney was compliant on the initial day of the shoot, but around th... More

Britney Spears Shears Hair Off: Though you've found her tunes entertaining I have no special attachment to the brand new album, or artist on the whole. A lawyer for Spears wins a motion to bar videotaping of deposition testimony in her custody battle with Federline, her ex-husband.... More

Britney Spears Needs A Vampire Boyfriend: In reality, all Britney had done was make the grave error that any lovely young girl can make: She grew up into her very own man. Britney never had Madonna's kind of blond dream. Britney remains under that conservatorship now. A famed papara... More

Mad Chick Flicks: thing that Britney Spears is not. Helped by a potent cocktail of mood stabilizers, Britney has retreated into some private metaphysical space where the fans and also the cameras do not exist, where she can be alone, at least, if not solitary. but to ... More

Britney Spears Fired From X Factor As Judge?: I read somewhere that she wasn't taking care of her hair. Britney created among the very striking visuals in the 27-year history of the show. I wager she'll look amazing once the hair starts to grow. I couldnt control anyting so I cut your h... More

Britney Spears And New Beau David Lucado Spotted With First PDA: Picard: Confiscate the time, Meribor, dwell now. Are you kidding me? Where could they begin? Ooo holyshit...i can not consider that brit shaved her head whole hairless...she seem so crazy on her way. Your heart really goes out to Britney. But Britney... More

An Adorable Cat Reenacts Britney's 2001 'I'm A Slave 4 U' VMA Performance!: They made her do things she didn't want to do, selections she didn't need to make which lead her into depression, rehab and psychiatric wards. Something made Britney get back to them again, her children perhaps, (I would do anything just to keep your... More

Britney Spears Star Image Analysis: In 2006 Britney subsequently gives birth to her second son Jayden James Federline, only two months after she files for divorce. So overall i cant see how britney has the bundle that is entire. The most memorable ones are her DWAD medley of S... More

Top ten Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Has Gone Insane: But never before has a musical artist been so meticulously micromanaged by means of a crack team of pros, experts whose main duty would be to keep Britney from slipping up and betraying her humanity. I enjoy you i actually hope you get a good deal be... More

Ringmaster Britney Returns With Stuffed New Orleans Concert: She is a mom now and should start acting like it. Some people theorize that she'd some sort of nervous breakdown. TheWas blown off as a stunt to help publicise her tour - ticket sales have blasted - but buddies are still dreading a return of... More

Britney Spears 'Records Girls Gone Wild' For Madonna's MDNA: 'Hit You Baby One More Time' revealed Britney being in high school wearing her uniform in a sexualised matter by tying her blouse together to make it cropped so you could see her belly and her skirt being short. When does shaving your hair mean you'r... More

Britney Spears Shows Off Toned Pins As She Stores For Blooms: Not shockingly - the one mentioned in the article, and there are fake naked photos of celebs to the net. I love Britney and I will. I matriculated at Vassar College, where I continued making messes for other people to clean up and blacking o... More

Downfalls From Mild To Wild (PHOTOS): They've so many celebs doing this before and its their private life and due to hair damage she shave her hair that what she telling, who never understand the truth..!!! Unlike Brittney's father who had taken control over her, no one is in place to ta... More

Your Teen Self Should Have Gone Wild With Vogue: Like Britney can pull of sexy girl, christina attempted, but turned out 2 be d whore she actually is! Individuals who go see Britney lip-sync desire help. Similarly, Mona Lisa - the demo of which Britney leaked herself unedited to the planet... More

Cats Impersonate Madonna, Britney Spears & Other Memorable VMA Moments: Stage Mom : Lynne Spears motivated her and her sister to get into show business from an extremely young age, with working nightly on Broadway and Britney by age 2 in dancing classes by age NINE. They miss their dose of Britney Tit. Tognozzi ... More

The Disney Channel Has Gone Crazy: Something drastically different." I tugged at your hair. I assume everyones entitled to their own opinion n I believe she just wants somewhat of attenetion these last couple of years, with what's been going on in her life that is insane! you... More

Britney And Her Mom, Slap It Outside, Btch": Hair can grow back (Natalie Portman and Demi Moore are prime examples) but hopefully Brit's head is not so damaged that she'll have to be set into a residential psych clinic eternally. However, it has gone further than that. I assume her fam... More

The Best Of Britney's Bad Hair: It is guaranteed by me, if I got the opportunity to ask Britney 3 questions, supposedly and won some contest. Britney is trying to find love in all the wrong places and puts too much trust in others. Although your affinity for Britney doesn't follow ... More

Fake Nude Pics Of Britney Spears: Regardless of the main reason for Britney's recent weight loss, Britney must be looking picture perfect 24/7 for television! During this visit, Britney was said to have $12,000 head to toe makeover, complete with liposuction on her thighs an... More

Britney Spears Gets To Spend Her Birthday Refusing Abuse Reports: I started searching on google and there really are a couple sites saying that writing in different languages is a significant indicator of a cologne being bogus. Im Tanya and im 18 years old and I reside in Nova Scotia a huge fan of Britney ... More

Anderson Cooper Tweets Naked Photo Of Kathy Griffin, Says It's Her NYE Ensemble: So gimme a pic ofspears naked! Ok you guys are seriously contradicting eachother lil wayne and other "artist" win loads of grammys and cant even sing a decent tune without bleeps the lyrics are slow and have no message plus they dont have ta... More

As You're Ugly, Britney Spears Topless Pictures Leaked The Superficial: Pop star Britney Spears' weight has fluctuated more extremely compared to the financial markets in the past couple of years, but she's more happy than ever with her recently slender physique. Marie's own dad said last February that his daughter sang ... More

Britney Spears Fake Sex Photographs: Spears and Federline held a small wedding at a Studio City house, keeping even the singer's parents and siblings in the dark until hours prior to the ceremony. Britney did on Kimmel than just get covered in fake human waste' the pop star per... More

Britney Spears Auditions To Play Andy Murray's Girlfriend In Fake Movie (Video): Wentz after acknowledged that he managed the leaked photos "rather really for the first 48 hours," and went so far as to cease his band temporarily. He repeatedly told them that in only 40 short minutes, "Britney Spears will soon be standing right he... More

Britney Spears' Workout Regimen Pretty Much Demonstrates Her Abs Usually Are Not Forgery: There are many more of those to be had at the Bogus Fantasy website. Having had so much hair play in her past, you would believe she would pay more awareness of her locks. Spears has additionally been following the Sunfare diet, which delive... More

'Newsroom' Actress Unintentionally Tweets Bare Pic (NSFW PHOTO): Plastic surgeon Dr. I colored your hair yesterday - do not see that being news! Funny however, she's had a phony smile for a long time now. Blondes may have more enjoyment, but things are most likely likely to be just as great -- if you're Britney Sp... More

Prince Harry Naked Photographs Stay Unprinted In Every British Newspaper: Beyonce has her own qualities that britney doesnt have and is amazing nonetheless. I had been needing to know if there's a truth to the Britney Spears porno pics that those porno spammers claimed were made. Your OH (much to your shame) deter... More

Britney Back To Bogus Hair Color We're Used To: And Beyonce is just as renowned and successful as Britney Spears! This really is the stupidest article you've ever read... Alexander likely attributes Britney's 'commanding' team for the annulment of their marriage, but it's been almost eigh... More

Prince Harry To Face Military Reprimand Over Nude Pics Scandal (REPORT): Lively's congressmen, nonetheless maintain the pictures are fake,. One source suggested that Britney may possess a face lift and a breast augmentation. Jason Alexander, Britney Spears' childhood buddy who was wed to her before the marriage was annull... More

Britney Spears In Trouble Over Criminal Music Video Shoot: The photograph is very bogus. Regardless of whether the photos were meant to be private, it's odd the photograph is reminiscent of the 2008 Vanity Fair cover shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz The cover photograph famously featured Cyrus a... More

Official Cover Art Of Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Shown: day 1,100 to 1,200 calories a Britney Spears joins the ranks of celebs taking diet pills. The real Britney was seen by all the feed watchers. Go @ Dodgers !!!!! tweeted Britney Spears from her official Twitter accounts on Wednesday. This wa... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction, Fake Abs Shocking! See Outrageous 'Circus' Vegas Performance VIDEO & PICTURES: This week, news of naked pictures of Prince Harry, shot in Las Vegas, reach the Internet with the force of a class 5 hurricane. Additionally, Britney declares the release date of "Womanizer" is moved up from September 29 to September 26. I h... More

Ashley Tisdale And Britney Spears Spotted In Same Hot Pink Mini Dress: Beyonce is the flavor of the month but Britney stays a living legend. Britney SOLD 85 million albums,70 millions singles,#1albums,#1singles,#1tours,#1parfumes,most popular and most desired artist,most succesful musician of their dacede... Britney Spe... More

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