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'The Newsroom' Reviews, 'Brave,' Justin 'Believe' & More: Learning that Chris Brown and his daughter have made up, Rihanna's dad says he SUPPORTS the singer in her decisions. By asking her if she's ok Simon even checks. Consider the section in his hair. The problem: while BitTorrent and P2... More

Christopher Heard: It is another to belittle her and tell her she's mad, although it's something to differ with your partner. After taking with four friends in a Saturday-night performance of Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, Spears headed for the 50 Cent album rele... More

Justin Timberlake Is the Savior of Saturday Night Live. Let them Get Him In The Cast!: Backed by a Super Nintendo video game that is dated beat, Spears chokes outside nonsensical lyrics and incomplete sentences just like a hungover Betty Boop. Femme Fatale is a superb album, and Britney is certainly on better form than shefor,... More

Remember When She Danced Such As This?: Britney was showing signs of mental problems round the time she broke up with Justin...not that he caused it, but it was there. Odyssey House CEO Stephan Gruenert said the center was at its busiest ever, using the amount of Victorians seeking residen... More

5 Times Britney: It was likewise a much more artsy" than I was expecting it to be. Entertainment Weekly ' s Tim Stack was dismayed by the close diversions of Spears videos, favoring Glee ' s more initial interpretations of its own cover versions , yet MTV's Aly Semig... More

Jamie Lynn Goes Country: Predictably, the Britney biography begins with her humble beginnings. And it actually has nothing related to her wellbeing. Blake Shelton at Miranda Lambert Awards as well as the 2014 Academy. Rumors have been circulating with allmedia along... More

Celeb Biography: Includinghoax in 2001 that was set up by Dallas disc jockeys, in some specific examples, Kramer & Twitch, the outcome to Britney Spears' alleged deviation was disorderly. Who comprehended Passing and Britney could unite. In entire control of himself,... More

Britney Spears Biography ~ Your Post: Britney spears fantasy perfume 100ml. Life After Death: WhileBelief that Lindsay Lohan could overdose is not outlandish, the 24-year old has attempting work in and out of rehabilitation and to remain a step ahead of jail. The matter in quest... More

Unseen And biography Photographs ~ Styles & Trends: Chat rooms and fan sites were buzzing with reports that Spears was loaded, driving down an L.A. Winter told THR on Monday that in the time of Monjack's departure, Sharon Murphy told him she didn't consider mould was the cause and she had not permit a... More

Spears Needs Fiance Added To Supervising: Britney Spears hasBecome not uneasy using the concept of a major wardrobe malfunction. Although Murphy is taken to the hospital after her mom Sharon detected her and apparently fell in the shower, doctors are not able to reestablish her; she's pronou... More

Awful Little Matter: Larry Rudolph says Brit remains in "serious conversations" to headline a Vegas casino in the foreseeable future. Even as a mom with two kids, Britney still manages to ooze sex appeal in Exceptional," cementing her place as the whole planet's number o... More

Finest Britney Spears Tunes List: Circus britney spears cologne. Before reporting on her misfortunes, the episode also actions in the actual fact, the media created a positive depiction of Britney plus information about her life. She's not the kiss of death for anyone...being in the ... More

Top Gaming Found Expected At E3: While Spears voluntarily admitted herself into the Assurances rehabilitation practice after shaving her head she were given. The September 2010 report that Matt Damon was found dead in the desert near San Diego is reported to be imputed to TMZ. Soon ... More

Britney Spears' 'In The Zone' Record Turns 10: Jointly with any or all that, Spears sold alluring. Her documentary opens up with Spears telling them that her favourite flavor chewing gum is watermelon, which will give them all something to consider whenever they see her bubblegum bubbles... More

Britney Spears Needs To Have An Infant Girl: This truly isn't, for composing the primary air Britney has had credit. Britney Spears is a famous American singer. Lutfi is seeking millions of dollars from her relatives and Spears, ensuring a novel her mum composed detailing that time lie... More

Britney Spears' Demo Melody 'Alien' With William Orbit Surfaces Online: Dallas "shock jocks" Kramer and Twitch told listeners to their KEGL FM evening show that pop vocalist Spears and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, of the group 'N Sync, have been involved having a car crash in La. Britney spears jeans. Britney spears ... More

Kate Middleton From Britney Spears New Variety To Model Lingerie?: Spears flew to support the group in a remainder in performing in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Vegas. Ur die hard fanatic. In Los Angeles Superior Court Lufti's attorney alleged about the first day of the trial that if testing wa... More

The Brother Claims Narrative of Jef Holm Is' not 100% False ': After 16 years in the music business and nearly 100 million record sales under her belt, the 32-year old vocalist has added "designer" to her active cv. Britney spears hold. On April 8, Britney was requested to the street by means of a videographer f... More

Brooklyn's The Dead Betties Give Britney Spears' 'Lucky' A Punk: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Britney spears song. Britney Spears' MTV VMA performance disintegrated in a twister of dead- eyed miming, choreography that has been demanding, horrid hair and sprayed -on bowel muscles. Where Katy Perry, Rihanna... More

Charli XCX On Songwriting, Feminism, And Britney Spears: He was pronounced dead upon arrival as well as the investigation remains ongoing. Lowly beginnings are almost all the same even if you're Britney Spears, as you understand. Britney and Nicki were performing in Winnipeg, Canada when Nicki lea... More

The Real Housewives Of New York City's Alex McCord: So even if Britney Spears has again wowed upward with her latest showing of her power to pull herself out of fitness AWOL and kick her bag of Doritos and Blizzard treats to the curb and transform her body yet again to seem fantastic on her tour, it i... More

Britney Spears Meltdown 2012: In this file picture, Britney Spears models backstage following the Baby Phat 2007 Autumn range during New York Fashion Week, February 2, 2007. Nervous breakdown unquestionably. I felt guilty by association, listening to her voice coo lyrics... More

Are The Media Striving To Make Britney Possess A Nervous Breakdown?: you're not saying that Britney has cancer, but that is what came to your mind when I first saw the pics. According to a so called source" for the tabloid, Doing 'X Factor' may lead her back into meltdown land," because Spears gets extremely restless ... More

Is Brit Headed To Get A Breakdown?: Spears divorced her ex-backup dancer Kevin Federline in 2006. This week, as they were shown by Britney Spears, there's plenty of shock value in a hairless woman - especially aone. I imagine attempting to push Demi and Britney over the edge f... More

The Illuminati Is Actual, Plus It Is Everywhere., Amanda Bynes: Jrexasaurus at Oh No They Didn't posted that his/her uncle who works as a nurse at Cedars Sinai and said that Britney was admitted last night but checked herself out shortly afterward. We're extremely worried about Britney Spears. But Britney won her... More

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Due To Mental Issues: This really is when Spears was put under the temporary conservatorship of her father. Since getting together with Jason, Britney seems happier, fitter and more stable. So all of those papparazo Britney sightings of when she'd gained a little... More

Can You Think That Britney Spears Has Had A Mental Breakdown?: After rehabilitation, Britney cut out every individual in her life who'd asserted for it -- her parents, Federline, Rudolph, even old best friends and was deeply upset. For weeks before the hair- slashing episode, Britney paled-around with Paris Hilt... More

Hospitalized For Nervous Breakdown!: The model apparently broke up by telephone with Spears. . Maybe it's because they have seen that desperate glint in her eye, watched her horrific cries for help back in 2007 -- and ever since, it's been tough to tell if Britney is truly okay. ... More

Britney's Heartbreaking Descent Into Mania Is A Journey I Know All Too Well: Spears is charged with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a legal permit for allegedly crashing into a parked automobile in a Studio City parking lot on Aug. Britney needs to be loved so badly that she fell for his unethical manner... More

Nervous Breakdown News And Photographs: Vampire boyfriend could always glamor mad Brit to do whatever he desired so she did not make a total idiot out of herself at significant occasions like award shows, going to Starbucks and premieres. Spears celebrates her 26th birthday, reportedly, wi... More

Paris Jackson Pregnant And Participated At 16 After Suicide Attempt: Kevin Federline and Britney Spears reach an arrangement in their custody battle over Jayden James and sons Sean Preston. Some people speculate that she'd some kind of nervous breakdown. The move catapulted Spears to the very best of "World's... More

16 Celebs Who Battle Mental Illness Celeb Zen: To reward her hard work both as a mom and following the gym, Spears said she treats herself with spa days. She was not simply someone where I could be playing myself." With doctors who treated delusion, Meester met for The Roommate. Personally, I bel... More

Baby Bump Is A Result Of Poor Photo Angle Say Sources: Besides the defamation suit, his attorney and Lufti are appealing a judgment requesting him to repay more than $93,000 in legal fees the Spears family has already paid On Tuesday, the one-time pop tart releases her eighth album, Britney Jean" -- anot... More

Britney Spears Shears Hair Off: Spears stumbles outside a Manhattan hotel, nearly dropping her 8-month old son Sean Preston and further fueling the ever-growing media examination of her parenting skills. But Britney Spears proved to be a risk to her son, not only by locking him in ... More

Britney Spears Needs A Vampire Boyfriend: It was in 2008 when together with the conservatorship, Spears' dad Jamie also got a restraining order against Lufti which has now expired. For weeks, she slept there almost every night, and Lutfi is frequently downstairs at the resort, like ... More

Mad Chick Flicks: If she really said that Britney and her was previously close buddies in the day, I doubt! Britney bought gifts 4 Chris' baby, and vice versa. I trust Britney sorts herself out shortly, she'll do I am sure - She's merely going through a reall... More

Britney Spears Fired From X Factor As Judge?: A lot of people then made her 8th record and knew her career should never had carried on after she shaved off all her hair and continued to make music. I couldnt control anyting so I cut your hair off, not buzzed, but at least 10 inches and was havin... More

Britney Spears And New Beau David Lucado Spotted With First PDA: It's not prohibited.. Are you kidding me? Where could they begin? Ooo holyshit...i can not consider that brit shaved her head whole hairless...she seem so crazy on her way. For Britney... But considering how Britney's hair has been appearing the past... More

An Adorable Cat Reenacts Britney's 2001 'I'm A Slave 4 U' VMA Performance!: To be visualized in the tabloids with Britney fucking Spears. But like Michael Jackson, They couldnt let Britney show up their strategies, and they began creating this false picture of britney. Regardless of the things they have said about B... More

Britney Spears Star Image Analysis: In 2006 Britney subsequently gives birth to her second son Jayden James Federline, only two months after she files for divorce. Like,first I was just like, Okay, she's finally free of K-Fed, she's out celebrating her independence", then I thought, Ok... More

Top ten Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Has Gone Insane: I enjoy you i actually hope you get a good deal better. Britney may now have to face up to 30 days of mental evaluation, and has really been set on 5150 hold", meaning she's considered a risk to herself. To the person who said Britney sells ... More

Ringmaster Britney Returns With Stuffed New Orleans Concert: Yet another thing that was dumb has been done by Britney and may add that to the ever-growing list. Spears checked out a day after and apparently refused to remain. I have to admit and I really like Britney Spears since BOMT, I pay attention... More

Britney Spears 'Records Girls Gone Wild' For Madonna's MDNA: Shrinking Violet : Since her break down she is been more introverted and quiet, as well as nervous and fairly difficult both in interviews and performances. Britney Spears is a celebrity that is through absolutely everything, kids, including marriage... More

Britney Spears Shows Off Toned Pins As She Stores For Blooms: Hey if u guys have seen those pics of britney getting out of that limo with Paris Hilton then u understand that she is been bald for a lengthy time. Based on court records, Lufti alleges that he was not paid the agreed upon 15 percent of her... More

Downfalls From Mild To Wild (PHOTOS): Whilst britney ca nt sing live at all! Then he began to attempt to carve a career for himself as a rapper, and a badly-acted rapper at that (again, according to news reports), along with the report suddenly became about just what a poor moth... More

Your Teen Self Should Have Gone Wild With Vogue: Source tell them that while Amanda was locked in the dressing room at Kin, a boutique in West Hollywood, people heard nervous laughter coming from her and she acted as though nothing was wrong, when she came out after over an hour. Like Britney can p... More

Cats Impersonate Madonna, Britney Spears & Other Memorable VMA Moments: After retiring from acting in favor of becoming full time designers, Mary Kate entered rehabilitation for an eating disorder in 2004, though many theorized drugs were involved too, notably after the passing of rumored fling Heath Ledger in 2008. <... More

The Disney Channel Has Gone Crazy: Nonetheless, her 8th album Britney Jean saw her return to some old school pop beats and saw her, deeper voice that is natural being used by Spears for some tunes. Topless, drunk, and lonely, Spears seduces a college student in a resort pool." Matt ha... More

Britney And Her Mom, Slap It Outside, Btch": The producer of Gimme More pronounces "The infamous Miss Britney Spears" at the end of the song. But perhaps, just maybe, she shaved her hair b/c it was so destroyed by most of the extensions /compounds she is had in it lately. Altered For The Video:... More

The Best Of Britney's Bad Hair: It is guaranteed by me, if I got the opportunity to ask Britney 3 questions, supposedly and won some contest. I really like them both but c'mon Britney has it all, as the writer says - shes the packages that are full!! I concur as well kids ... More

Fake Nude Pics Of Britney Spears: Spears supposedly seen a liposuction practitioner in Vegas in early 2007 about getting a type of mesotherapy process, Lipodissolve. There's a rumor circling around that says that Britney had Smartlipo done with Dr. The contact list of Hilton was leak... More

Britney Spears Gets To Spend Her Birthday Refusing Abuse Reports: Those individuals insist that Britney had a boob job and a few work (liposuction and tummy tuck) done on her stomach. so much more... Has Miley Cyrus been borrowing hair extensions -headed buddies Song? Britney Spears is discovering herself in a heap... More

Anderson Cooper Tweets Naked Photo Of Kathy Griffin, Says It's Her NYE Ensemble: My. And Sam you said Beyonce shouts in concerts and Britney sings...hahaha. That phony of Britney inviting her hot girlfriends Shannen Doherty , Alyssa Milano and Jeri Ryan over for some all-girl fucking is a certain highlight, particularly ... More

As You're Ugly, Britney Spears Topless Pictures Leaked The Superficial: not all huge boobs are fake. Take a look at the picture slideshow of Britney Spears on stage during her live performances. Lindsay and jessica havent had boobs occupations.. I like it - but why is the hair color news of somebody. Yo... More

Britney Spears Fake Sex Photographs: Fake Flowers....Ummmmwell, yes, they usually go excellent in mobile park homes... The black and white pictures appeared on dozens of websites, many marketing them as leaked Playboy pictures of Spears. . Roll your mouse over the photos above an... More

Britney Spears Auditions To Play Andy Murray's Girlfriend In Fake Movie (Video): From your perspective in the right or left side of the stage in the Britney corral, at last, I saw her. Wentz after acknowledged that he managed the leaked photos "rather really for the first 48 hours," and went so far as to cease his band temporaril... More

Britney Spears' Workout Regimen Pretty Much Demonstrates Her Abs Usually Are Not Forgery: I saw Britney in London and was also not disappointed. . However there's hope as long as either associate Sam Lufti or Sims is still in the picture, Sims said, because they are still trusted by Spears. When she started to have breakdo... More

'Newsroom' Actress Unintentionally Tweets Bare Pic (NSFW PHOTO): The photos revealed one shot and her growing belly showed the star pulling down her top to expose her breast. No wonder Britney is just not respected in the music industry. The 20-year-old Brown University student and singer was detained in ... More

Prince Harry Naked Photographs Stay Unprinted In Every British Newspaper: I am sorry you believe that manner L, but you've seen that people who criticized you and the two Beyonce vs. TMZ was told by a spokesperson for Spears in the time: 'These accusations couldn't be further from the reality. The graphic catches have caug... More

Britney Back To Bogus Hair Color We're Used To: Britney Spears isn't any stranger to controversy over her body. Britney have 9#1 hits WW...largest teen idol ever,most succesful artist...she sold more then 85 million records... Striffler told them he was "flattered" that anyone thought he ... More

Prince Harry To Face Military Reprimand Over Nude Pics Scandal (REPORT): While Britney is super fit and naturally stunning, you can not expect her to wake up appearing as rock hard as a Twilight vampire. When you're in a theatre that is particularly big merely to appear relatively normal, as an actor, I wear MAD plenty of... More

Britney Spears In Trouble Over Criminal Music Video Shoot: Seemingly Britney Spears is feeling for her upcoming Vegas residency in the heat because she only admitted that she actually nervous about it! She signed a recording contract at the age of 16. Britney is toned and if she is airbrushed it is for the s... More

Official Cover Art Of Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Shown: One supporter, Sonya, asserted: Whoever did the picture superimposed parts of Britney Spears' face on to the promo photos of Tyra Banks from 2007. This was pulled -together as it got for Britney at The X Factor finalist celebration. The most popular ... More

Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction, Fake Abs Shocking! See Outrageous 'Circus' Vegas Performance VIDEO & PICTURES: Her next big surgery was her famous boob job ( breast augmentation ) that she got when she was merely a teen. "'Womanizer' is prepared to go and will hit radio stations across the country TOMORROW morning!" the vocalist wrote on her official site. We... More

Ashley Tisdale And Britney Spears Spotted In Same Hot Pink Mini Dress: Ahh, got it. Britney Spears still has her fire and the power on stage and no one can take it away from her. As the actual Britney understands the drill, so that is not genuine. Your new partner in Britney sweet talked the ticket taker. . Not s... More

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