Top 4 MATTRESSES oF 2020

Mattresses are something that one should never compromise. Mattresses are supposed to give relief from your exhausting and tiring routine or daily activities. High-quality bed mattresses are always preferred that are supportive and comfortable for the body. Customers too prefer a high-quality mattress. Budget-friendly ones do come with lucrative offers but do not always have the desired quality. Such materials do not have quality and tend to break down faster when compared to good quality ones. This leads to increasing the pressure points and misaligning the spine which would lead to a disfigurement of backbone causing acute pain. One would not like to suffer just for the sake of saving a few bucks. It’s better to spend judiciously on a good quality product. Good quality ones would last for a longer period and would provide a lot of comfort and relaxation.

Here come a detailed analysis and comprehensive study of top mattresses that would help customers to look for high quality and best mattresses. These are the top mattresses that are made up of fine quality with good pricing. Have a look at these mattresses that would help you to know everything before buying good quality mattresses.


IKEA has for all. Those opting for budget-friendly and good quality mattresses, IKEA has to be a one-stop destination. IKEA is highly popular among people as it provides access to direct-to-consumer market services. There 15 options in mattresses available for you in IKEA. The range of the mattresses lies between $120 to $900. It provides comfort in all its ranges. The choice is all yours whether you want to opt for ultra-cheap i.e $120 mattress or want to go up and shell as much as $900 that is natural latex Queen.

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IKEA is a dutch based multinational company that sells ready to sell and easy to assemble furniture, Mattresses, décor, kitchen appliances, and other home appliances that are ready to assemble and less hustle free for customers as well. IKEA is the world’s largest retailer for furniture since 2008.

A good night’s sleep has to be a sound one. At IKEA comfort of customers is their utmost priority where a wide variety of mattresses are available. Thus, giving their customers options to make a choice.

HYLLESTAD is a spring mattress that is a combination of memory form and spring pockets which takes the shape of your body and molds accordingly. Thus, providing you rest and comfort.

MOSHULT is a foam mattress that comes with all body support.

Some other mattresses are:



LEESA mattresses are designed to fit most of the body type and sizes, which is the best part about Leesa mattresses. When we talk about the pricing of Leesa mattresses, it fits well with the line of various other pricing of other mattresses. It comes in two models that are: the classic version and the newer luxury version. Both are average in terms of comforts and firmness. This is not at all a criticism, don’t get mistaken by the term average. Leesa is easy to transport and is not much heavy, unlike purple mattresses. One can test Leesa mattresses in selected stores of Pottery Barn or West Elm stores.

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There are several discounts offered on Leesa mattresses which makes it a good buy as well.

Leesa’s original mattress, Leesa hybrid mattress, Leesa legend mattress,etc are the different variety of mattress options available under the Leesa brand.

Original Purple

This is another best mattress, the original purple mattress contains Hyper-Elastic polymer of 2 inches and is 9.5 inches tall. Besides this it also has poly-foam of 3.5 inches, and high-density foam of 4 inches. It is encased in Lycra Bend conver that is flexibly knit.

The best part about the original purple mattress is that it comes with the trial for 100 nights and has a 10-year warranty. Purple asks its customers to keep mattresses for at least 21 days before making a return.

The Hyper-Elastic polymer is converted into a smart comfort grid layer. This smart-comfort grid layer flexes and takes the shape of the heavier section of the body and providing the right and accurate support.

Nog Mattress Homepage V3

The mattress comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, calfornia king and split king sizes.


This brand of mattress is another best quality one. Parachute brand mattresses are 13 inches thick and have a wool comfort layer within. Besides this, it has three-tiered micro coils layers, a layer of individually wrapped coil and at last a wool pad base.

The thickness of each layer is unknown as Parachute has not disclosed them. It contains natural New Zealand wool that is imperative in regulating the body temperature and wicks away or removes the moisture and is flame retardant naturally.

Every tier of micro coil adjusts and reacts differently when pressure is exerted and adjusting to the contours of the body accurately. This mattress contains zone pockets coils that are apt for back and stomach sleepers. Thus providing them relief and comfort.

The Mattress

Pocket coils layer provides support to the entire body and provides an extra support to the hips which are a must for the spin to align and makes comfortable and relaxing to stomach sleepers.

Parachute mattresses are made up of recycled steel coils, contains orgainic material and no chemicals. Thus making it an eco-friendly buy. It gives its customers with 90 night sleep trial and 10- year warranty.

The mattress comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and calfornia king.

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